Will there be a ‘Black Knight’ Season 2?: In light of the recent WGA strike, Hollywood is set to go into crisis mode. There will be a pause on digital content, which has been booming since the pandemic. Netflix is the biggest OTT player, and its model of curating content might mean it may not suffer. They have gone global in search of content, and South Korea has been a frequent destination of hits. Squid Games was a sensation, and a second season is in the offing. Shows like The Glory, Flower of Evil, Kingdom, and All of Us Are Dead are high on the “hitlist” as well. It seems like the recently released Black Knight might be the newest addition to this esteemed list.

The thrilling sci-fi show has come out with six absorbing episodes that have caught the imagination. Jiseung Cho and Song Seung-heon star in major roles. Black Knight is yet another fine display of craftsmanship and VFX, all brought together by impactful storytelling. Netflix is notorious for not renewing popular shows. Recently, many decisions like canceling 1899, Daredevil, and the OA have attracted ire from viewers.

It is tricky to ascertain what metrics other than the viewership count it uses to make these decisions. And that is especially problematic when it comes to K-dramas. So, has Black Knight been renewed for season 2? Here is all the information we have about its current status.

What is Season 1 of ‘Black Knight’ about?

Black Knight is based on a webtoon made by Lee Yoon-gyun titled “Delivery Knight.” Even though the webtoon isn’t too clear in details, the plot in the Netflix tv show takes palace in 2071. A calamitous event has ensured that the oxygen supply on earth is scarce, and only a few people in the world have survived this change. This has ushered in a new world order with new rules and paradigm shifts in class status. Black Knight is about a delivery guy named Dae-Young who is recruited into a secret society of delivery knights known as the “Knights of the Food Table.” 

The knights are tasked with protecting the world from evil forces that seek to control the food supply. As a delivery knight, Dae-Young uses his exceptional driving and combat skills to deliver food to people in need while also battling against monsters and other villains who threaten the safety of the food supply. Along the way, he makes allies with other knights and faces a variety of challenges that test his strength and resolve.

Has ‘Black Knight’ been renewed for Season 2? 

At the time of writing, Netflix has neither renewed nor canceled Black Knight. Netflix has not given any indication to change its status for the time being. In all probability, it is waiting for more reaction from the audience, even though there is no dearth of substance to extend the show’s universe.

Lee Yoon-gyun’s source material is vast and has more chapters left to explore. Given how the first season ends, we cannot help but anticipate more additions to the story by Netflix. 

So, there’s a possibility for season 2. We will share an update as soon as we receive one. Keep checking for further updates.

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