“Criminal Record,” an original show on Apple TV, is a British crime-action TV show made by Paul Rutman. The first episode of the show aired on January 10 on Apple TV+. There were eight episodes in total. Peter Capaldi and Cush Jumbo play DCI Daniel Hegarty and DS June Lenker, two officers who are at the center of the show’s plot. Being a crime thriller, the show is full of suspense and kept the viewers engaged. This has resulted in the great success of the show, and the fans can’t help but ask for more. Fans are already wondering whether the show has been renewed for season 2, and we may or may not have some news for you.

What is ‘Criminal Record’ about?

“Criminal Record” is a show full of suspense, mystery, and, of course, thrill. The storyline revolves around a crime mystery that is approached by two detectives, namely, DCI Daniel Hegarty and DS June Lenker. They basically are led to the re-investigation of an old case by an anonymous call. The show takes up the angle of fighting against racial prejudice among police officials while also trying to find the true criminal behind the scenes.

Has ‘Criminal Record’ been renewed for Season 2?

Unfortunately for the fans, there has been no such official announcement for the renewal of “Criminal Record” season 2. However, you need not panic because these shows do not make announcements in a rush. You may get hints for the renewal of the show in press conferences with the creator or the director of the show. If the show is to be renewed later, they might make announcements within six months or a year.

Here’s what we know so far:

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  • Season 1 premiered on January 10, 2024, on Apple TV+.
  • No official announcement regarding Season 2 has been made.
  • In an interview with TV Insider, executive producers expressed interest in exploring further seasons, but their focus was on the success of Season 1 initially. You can read their full quotes below:
  • Elaine Collins: Quite honestly, we’ve been so consumed by making this series—we didn’t finish in the post very long ago—and getting it out that we just haven’t really had those conversations. We just want everybody to love this season.
  • Paul Rutman: Then we’ll see.

What can the fans expect?

Well, for series like these involving murder mysteries, the fans can expect an entirely new storyline for the next season because that is what generally happens. One can also expect this storyline to be taken forward with a new crime that is somewhat connected to the one shown in the 1st season. Overall, fans can expect even more thrill.

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