Apple TV+ original series For All Mankind recently aired its 4th season and fans are already buzzed for the next one. Many of us are wondering whether For All Mankind will renew for Season 5 or not and even though there has been no official confirmation regarding the renewal, the way this season unfolded seemed like a hint enough. In fact, the creators along with the co-creators have talked about the show’s future in press conferences and advertisement campaigns as well which has successfully managed to keep their fans on the edge, not only for this season but for the next as well.

What is “For All Mankind” about?

Developed by Ronald D. Moore, Matt Wolpert, and Ben Nedivi’s, For All Mankind is a sci-fi drama series that picturizes the alternate reality of the moon race between the Soviet Union and the USA where the former becomes the winner. Set in the 1960s, the series encapsulates the plot of the “global space race” while showing the aftermath of its effects on the lives of astronauts involved. 

Released in 2019, the thought-provoking writing style and engaging storyline of the show with the excellent cast carried its fans through lockdown. Some of the leads include the big names of Michaela Conlin, Jodi Balfour, Coral Peña, Colm Feore, Sarah Jones, and Wrenn Schmidt, along with others. Being one of the longest-streaming original series on Apple TV+, it is natural that the fans are asking for another season within the 1st month of the recent airing of the new season itself.

Has For All Mankind been renewed for Season 5?

Apple TV+ has made no such official confirmation for the show’s renewal for Season 5, however, there are chances that they might as well just do that sooner or later. This is because the show is steadily and constantly gaining popularity and fans are actively demanding the renewal. It’d only be a loss not to continue when the show is at its peak in the industry. Moreover, there are hopes for the issue of the official statement because season 4 of the show was renewed in the middle of season 3. Furthermore, the producers of the show have also been slyly giving hints for the upcoming seasons.

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Earlier, in an interview with Collider, the co-creator of For All Mankind – Ben Nedivi mentioned how they’re now on the road map of the show with the story past half the point, they themselves expect the show to be out not only 5 seasons but even upto seven. However, the continuation of the series depends on the audience’s engagement with it, so basically its renewal also depends on the fan’s enthusiasm regarding the show. Here’s what he said:

“Early on, we planned this out over six or seven seasons, so we’re still on the road map, and I’m proud to say that we’ve stuck to, I think, the big goalposts we’ve had so far. Obviously, there are changes every season, and we leave the writers and the writers’ room flexibility to go off the map if we have to or make changes. But right now, I mean, we’re sort of past the halfway point in a way, you know, and it’s fascinating. As in most TV shows, in the beginning, you dream of like, ‘Oh, I see this big arc…’ As ambitious as we were, I don’t think at that moment we really felt we were like, ‘Oh, yeah, for sure. Let’s talk about what’s gonna happen in Season 6 of the show,’ but here we are premiering Season 4.”

What can the fans expect?

With the plotline of the series halfway out there, the fans can only expect more thrill and adventure coming their way. The creators talked of focusing more on the present status of the show instead of any big arc that might come in the upcoming seasons which is a hint of any potential big arc as clear as the day. 

While there have been many speculations suggesting that the series may take up the road of morals and finally conclude itself by showing work done for the cause of humanity, there are still endless conclusions that one can come to. So, even though there are no confirmations as such fans are open to making theories, and reviewers are actively participating in it as well.

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