Will there be a ‘Lockwood and Co.’ Season 2? Jonathan Stroud’s immensely popular book series is the basis for Netflix’s newest hot hit, Lockwood and Co. It has not even been a week since the show dropped on the streaming platform, and it is already topping the charts. Positive word of mouth and soaring critical appreciation will ensure that this run continues for a few more weeks. If you still have not checked it out, now is the time to do it. You can read our recap and ending explainer for the show here.

If you fall in the other category, we have brought to you the latest about a possible renewal of Lockwood and Co. for season 2. Here is what we know!

What happened in Season 1 of Lockwood & Co.?

Quite briefly, the show’s format takes inspiration from a mashup of Ghostbusters and the Purge franchise. Lockwood and Co. squarely belong to the sci-fi genre. Its universe is set in a distant reality where ghosts and the dead occupy the streets of a fictionalized version of the UK. A team of brave, crazy, and widely entertaining teenagers take the task of hunting them at night. For these teenagers, it’s a rebellion of sorts against their controlling parents. Among the jungle of large-sized corporates, the startup-like organization of three competes with spirit and vigor.

With each new victim, they get closer to unveiling a damning secret about the dead world that will change their lives forever.

Has Netflix’s Lockwood and Co. been renewed for Season 2?

Has Lockwood & Co. been renewed for Season 2?

Well, we believe it is just a matter of time. Netflix has not officially renewed or canceled Lockwood and Co. for season 2. But the evidence suggests the show has a long way to go. In fact, every metric points toward the fact that the show has resonated with audiences. Stroud has himself given the series a thumbs up from his side. What is even more exciting is that the literary universe is spread across five books!

Nira Park and Rachel Prior optioned the entire lot, ensuring we have enough content in the future. There is so much world-building still left to do. Many character arcs were established in the maiden season. And obviously, we feel there is more to explore for the creators.

We leave you with creator Joe Cornish’s comments in an EW interview. “You know, the books get better and better, the world is explored in a very unexpected and exciting way, there are some incredible set pieces and twists and new directions to come. We very, very much hope people watch and enjoy and that we can carry on telling the story that Jonathan Stroud has so brilliantly written.”

When is season 2 expected to be released?

Once the financiers were finalized, season 1 took about four months to shoot and another three months to tune up the visual details. As and when the order is received, it might take another year for us to have the option to watch it on Netflix. Yeah, it’s is a long time. However, more often than not, such promising stories are more savored when watched again after a long time.

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