Online television and web series are taking over the world. The audience is head over heels for these shows. “Parish” is one such American television series that premiered on AMC+ on March 31, 2024. Based on the BBC One series “The Driver” by Danny Brocklehurst and Jim Poyser, “Parish” is a crime drama.  Written by Danny Brocklehurst, Sunu Gonera, and Theo Travers, the show contains an excellent cast, including Giancarlo Esposito, Zackary Momoh, Paula Malcomson, Skeet Ulrich, and many more in supporting roles. Now, since the show has recently premiered, it is becoming popular quickly, and the audience is wondering whether “Parish” will be renewed for season 2. Well, here’s what we know about it.

What is ‘Parish’ about?

Being a crime drama, “Parish” starts quite normally. However, we see its twists and turns as we meet the protagonist of the movie, Gray Parish. The story then revolves around this man who led a seemingly ordinary life only for us to discover his criminal past.

The official plot for Paris introduces the show to us something like this:

“Gray Parish is a good man with a troubled past who gave up his life of crime for life as a family man. But when his son is violently murdered, old habits return, sending him on a relentless quest with moral intentions and dangerous consequences.”

Has ‘Parish’ been renewed for Season 2?

As any shows go, the creators refuse to talk about the renewal of “Parish” for season 2. As of April 2024, AMC has not given any statements regarding the renewal of the show for season 2. Many of the viewers are wondering whether the whole is a limited series because BBC One’s “The Driver aired for one season only. However, we can never be too sure until official announcements have been made because the producers do like to give us a surprise if the” show is doing very well.

What can the fans expect?

While the show was premiering, fans speculated about its future. Many theories exist about the show’s season 2; however, there is none to completely believe. Fans can expect the continuation of the series, as more troubles may come in Parish’s life or introduce us to a new protagonist altogether.

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