Record of Ragnarok is an amazing anime for those who love 1v1 battles. The story is amazing and something new that will instantly attract you. Thousands of Gods decide to wipe out the human race as they are tired of seeing how they run the world. Opposing this decision, a Valkyrie suggests the Gods face Humans in 1v1 battles. If the humans win, then the Gods will have to take back their decision to wipe out humans. The first season shows us the amazing fight between the father of humans, Adam, and The strongest God, Zeus. Now, in its second season, fans of Record of Ragnarok are anticipating the show to return for Season 3. 

What is Record of Ragnarok season 2 about?

The second season of Record of Ragnarok was divided into two parts. Tameemon fought against Shiva in one thrilling battle, but things took a surprising turn when Shiva defeated Tameemon and Thrud. Then, something unexpected happened! Buddha, originally on the other side, supported humanity and stood up against Zerofuku. The second part of Season 2 concluded on July 12, 2023, with an incredible match that reached new heights never seen before in the anime.

Has Record of Ragnarok been renewed for season 3?

Record of Ragnarok Season 3

We don’t have official news about a third season of Record of Ragnarok. But don’t worry; there are some reasons to feel hopeful.

  • First, the second season was announced only two months after the first one came out. So, Netflix may tell us about a third season soon.
  • Second, the anime story is based on an ongoing manga series. That means there are still many exciting adventures to adapt to the new seasons.
  • Lastly, Record of Ragnarok has been a big hit for Netflix. It’s been popular and successful, so they might want to keep making more episodes for us to enjoy.
  • If a third season is confirmed, we might see it in 2024 or 2025. 

What do we know about Season 3 so far?

In mangas, the stories are divided into different parts called “arcs.” When an anime is made based on a manga, each season usually covers one or two of these story arcs. In the second season of Record of Ragnarok, we reach Round 6, where Zerofuku and Buddha have an intense battle. Now, if we follow the manga, it’s possible that Round 7 will be the focus of the next season.

If you can’t wait and love spoilers, you might want to read the manga to learn about Round 7. You’ll discover what exciting events happen and who the fighters are in that round. But remember, reading the manga might give away some surprises that you would otherwise experience when watching the anime. So, choose wisely if you want to dive into the manga and uncover those secrets ahead of time.

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