Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty recently aired its 7th season in October 2023 and audiences are thrilled about the new episodes. While the episodes are fresh and interesting enough, fans are already wondering about the season’s renewal and understandably so. The series, full of dark comedy and satire, keeps the fans in grip with its interesting scientific adventures. The characters involved and the animation style blends together to form a good past time series for adults. The following article will tell you if Rick & Morty will have a renewed or canceled for Season 8. 

What is Rick & Morty About?

Rick and Morty is an American animated adult sitcom which tells the adventures of Rick Sanchez, a mad scientist, and his grandson Morty Smith. Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, the series passes as a satirical science fiction that uses loads of wit and dark comedy which amuses its audience to no end. It airs on Cartoon Network’s night-time programming namely Adult Swim and can be easily accessed.  

The show easily portrays a blend between domestic family drama and scientific interdimensional adventures between the grandfather and grandson and keeps the audience hooked. Apart from this duo, the domestic family domain is shared by Rick’s daughter Beth, his granddaughter Summer and his hated stepson, Jerry. First released in 2013, the show has gained popularity through the years and has given 7 blockbuster seasons till now. On top of that, there are still more seasons on the way. 

Has Rick & Morty Been Renewed for season 8?

Fans need not worry because Rick and Morty has got a green flag for continuation by its creators already. With season 7 just having aired, it seems greedy to already look for the next season’s updates. However, the creators themselves share fans’ curiosity and have spoken up the renewal of Rick and Morty for season 8. In fact, show’s producer Steven Levy has given a bunch of good news on the continuation of the series for a Premiere article. He has revealed that not only the script for season 8 is already entirely written but a good part for the outline of season 9 is also completed.  

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This news regarding the show has kept the audience buzzing with the creators additionally speaking about season 10 acting as a cherry on top. So, the fans do not need to worry about the renewal of seasons because Rick and Morty is here and it is here to stay for good with a good couple of years worth of episodes. 

What can the fans expect? 

With the back to back successful seasons, one can tell the audience really like the crazy scientist’s adventures with his grandson trope. Just like the previous seasons have brought us interesting intellectual and mind opening episodes, fans can only expect it to get better in the coming seasons.  

The rigid establishment and flourishment of the show makes us wonder whether this adult animated series will also land among the other long streaming shows. The continuous adventures of Morty with his grandfather really has a lot of potential for growth and one can think of numerous things that may help the show proceed. 

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