Has Sex/Life been renewed for season 3? Here’s what we know!

Sex Life season 3

Will there be a ‘Sex/Life’ Season 3?: Netflix’s electrifying erotic drama caught on with viewers quite like the 50 Shades trilogy all those years ago. The euphoria was high, and sex/life rode the wave well. It broke many viewership count records and once again established the power of kinky content. For so much evolution, the modern viewer still falls back to the comfort of that genre to get a kick to their fantasies and escape the dreadful real world.

Season 2 followed up the success of the first season. It has constantly ranked in the top 10 shows globally on Netflix. Adam Demos and Sarah Shahi’s chemistry is Sex/Life’s heartbeat, despite its tacky and straightforward representation. The second season dropped in the first week of March and is available to stream on Netflix. Speculation has been ripe about a potential season 3 of Sex/Life being on the cards.

In this piece, we bring to you the latest surrounding the rumor mill and any possible plans for season 3. It is a developing story, and we will surely update the page in the future, but until then, here is what we know about Sex/Life season 3 on Netflix.

What happens in Sex/Life Season 2?

Season 2 of Sex/Life picks up six months after the first season finale. The main character, Billie, is dealing with the consequences of her actions and trying to find happiness. Her husband, Cooper, finds himself struggling to adjust to single life and engaging in some self-destructive behavior.

Billie’s ex-boyfriend, Brad, also attempts to move on from their relationship, but without success. Meanwhile, Sasha, Billie’s friend, has an old flame come back into her life. In the end, Billie finds herself walking down the aisle again. The final scene is reminiscent of the cold opening in the first episode.

Has Sex/Life been renewed for Season 3?

Netflix is yet to renew Sex/Life for season 3. The previous renewal for season 2 came pretty swiftly. But perhaps Netflix is carefully planning this one. We have seen the OTT world scramble for funds in what looks like a drab year of new television shows and movies. Disney is struggling to fund new shows and has been on a mission to cut content from its platform. Prime Video’s future has been ransomed to the success of Citadel and Rings of Power.

So it is understandable Netflix is taking its sweet time to renew stuff. Perhaps that is what the makers of Sex/Life had in mind, given how they wrapped up the story for season 2. Even if they do not get a go-ahead, at least the fans would have some closure about the plot. Stacy Rukeysyer, the creator of the show, is still quite optimistic about the chances for renewal. In an interview with Variety, she said the following:

“It’s definitely not intended to be a series finale. I believe there are always more stories to tell about these characters. We’d also be back to that prime question from season one, which is, can you have sex and life all at the same time, especially as a new mom.” Sarah Shai, too resonated with her sentiments and expressed hope that the show would return if the numbers were enough.

Whatever metrics Netflix gauges before renewing the show would have no bearing on the decision if they cannot raise funds to produce more content. We are not too optimistic even for such a successful show. But one can never rule out the possibility of renewal.

Sex/Life Season 3: Plot, Release Date, and Cast

Currently, we do not have any confirmed information about season 3. We think it is unlikely that the show will return. Netflix and other OTT platforms have thrown caution to the wind, and we can expect this trend to continue, at least for this year. Come back here in the future for confirmed details as and when they appear.

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