ABC’s Station 19 is all set to release its seventh season in the coming year and fans are thrilled about it. Before the official announcement, fans were anticipating the new season along with its renewal of the popular series. However, this final statement has given an end to all such assumptions and occupations because the seventh season is going to be the last one for the show. The long running drama’s renewal for the seventh season started earlier this year and we are finally going to witness the product of it in March 2024. So, to answer the speculation of weather Station 19 will return for Season 8, we have some ideas. 

What is ‘Station 19’ about?

Grey’s Anatomy’s spinoff drama series Station 19 is an American action drama series for the ABC Network. Created by Stacy McKee, the show is set in Seattle, Washington and tells the adventures of firefighters of the Seattle Fire Department at Station 19 as they tackle their everyday struggles together. The cast of the show is filled with beloved popular actors which the audience has come to love after being together for 6 whole seasons till now. Some of the leads include Jaina Lee Ortiz, Jason George, Grey Damon, Barrett Doss, Alberto Frezza, Jay Hayden, along with many more.

Running from 2018, the show has kept the audience’s side throughout the Lockdown and is therefore loved by the American crowd along with worldwide fans. With Station 19 season 6 being premiered in 2022, fans were more than excited for its renewal. Now that the show has been renewed for season 7, it was obvious to wonder about season 8.

Has ‘Station 19’ been renewed for Season 8?

ABC has revealed to finalise Station 19 for good with its latest and final season 7 and that’s big news for its fans. After season seven’s renewal in April 2023, people were also talking about a potential season 8. However, ABC has prepared to get done with the show with its final season itself.

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According to popular sources, season 7 will have 10 episodes which will make the total episode count of the show 105. We’ll just have to wait till March 14 and see for ourselves how these 10 new episodes will finalise the season and the show overall.

What can the fans expect?

Like during the premiere of every other show, fans are excited for the new season of their favourite show. As the previous six seasons have given much action and drama to its audience, season 7 is most likely to go all out with more vigour as the show is at its last step. 

Adding to the excitement, Craig Erwich, Disney Television Group president, also expressed his views on the farewell of the show as he promised a good old ending. He mentioned the great actors in the show and talked about the celebration of the show crossing the centennial mark. “With Zoanne and Peter at the helm of the upcoming farewell season, we have so much to look forward to, most notably the celebration of the show’s milestone 100th episode.”, said Erwich in his statement given by Collider.

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