Has ‘The Killing Kind’ been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know!

The Killing Kind Season 2

“The Killing Kind” on Paramount Plus stands out as a must-watch show if you like edge-of-the-seat thrillers. Based on the best-selling novel by Jane Casey, this six-part thriller is a rollercoaster of tension and mystery that leaves viewers wanting more. The series looks at what happens after a case is over and how law enforcement deals with it. The story is about how hard it is for Ingrid to get over what happened with John and move on with her life. But when a new killer starts killing people at her workplace and among her coworkers, the painful memories of her past come flooding back. Fans are excited to know if there will be a ‘The Killing Kind’ Season 2.

What is ‘The Killing Kind’ Season 1 about?

“The Killing Kind” introduces us to Ingrid Lewis, played by the talented Emma Appleton, best known for her part in “The Witcher.” Ingrid is a top-notch lawyer. But her life goes downhill when her charming but dangerous former client, John Webster, played by Colin Morgan of “Merlin” and “Humans,” comes back into her life. When John was accused of harassment and stalking, Ingrid defended him successfully. However, this win ended up destroying her life. Emma Appleton, who plays Ingrid Lewis, talks about how excited she is to be a part of this exciting show. She says, “I’m delighted to be working with such a talented team on such a thrilling show. When I first read The Killing Kind script, I was intrigued by Ingrid and the twists and turns we take as the story goes on.” 

The complicated connection between Ingrid and John is what makes “The Killing Kind” so interesting. Ingrid first protected John when he was accused of stalking, which led to a relationship between the two. But when Ingrid tries to break up with John, he turns against her, making her life even more complicated. As the series goes on, we see how hard it is for Ingrid to rebuild her life and how John comes back out of nowhere and makes shocking claims that could ruin her for good.

The plot gets more complicated when John calls Ingrid out of the blue to tell her that her life is in danger. At first, Ingrid doesn’t want to listen to him because he did damage to her. But tragedy strikes when Ingrid’s charismatic mentor, Belinda, played by Sara Powell, dies under suspicious conditions. This incident makes Ingrid feel suspicious and thinks something is amiss.

Ingrid is caught in a web of mystery and danger and has to decide what to do. She doesn’t know who she can trust or whether John is a good or bad guy in this plan. As Ingrid moves through a world where danger is around every corner, and it gets harder to tell who is a friend and who is an enemy, the tension builds. Ingrid is not fighting the unknown attacker all by herself. John, who Colin Morgan plays, is an odd choice to be her guardian angel. John is ready to do anything to protect Ingrid, even if it means going to extreme lengths to kill anyone who could hurt her.

Has ‘The Killing Kind’ been renewed for Season 2?

Fans are eagerly awaiting news of whether “The Killing Kind” will be renewed for a second season. While there has been no official announcement yet, the show has received praise from both critics and audiences, making it highly likely that it will return to continue the captivating story.

What can happen in The Killing Kind Season 2?

We might see more bloodshed if The Killing Kind Season 2 is given the green light. As John is willing to do anything, including taking the life of another person, in order to ensure that Ingrid is safe, it is possible that we will witness some horrifying murders. Perhaps Ingrid will finally be able to put her faith in John by the end of this season.

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