Last year, Sky’s sitcom The Lovers marked its release in the world of entertainment. PremierING on 7th September 2023, the show was loved by audiences for its engaging storyline and intoxicating romance. However, the show was wrapped up in 11 episodes and left the audience wanting for more. Ever since then, the fans have been asking for a renewal of the show and well, it seems like they’ll have to wait some more. The officials have not given any statement regarding the renewal of the show but that doesn’t mean we should lose hope completely. So, are we getting The Lovers (Season 2)? Let’s find out everything we know in this article.

What is ‘The Lovers’ about?

Directed by Justin Martin, The Lovers shows the romance between a supermarket worker, Janet and political broadcaster, Seamus in a light hearted comedy. The show is written by David Ireland and produced by Chris Martin with an amazing star cast. 

Johnny Flynn and Roisin Gallagher are playing the leads in this sitcom who nailed their roles. The show also features two major stars in supporting roles with Alice Eve playing Seamus’s girlfriend and Conleth Hill playing Janet’s boss. All the cast, along with the show itself, received immense love from the audience for its first season.

Has ‘The Lovers’ been renewed for Season 2?

As of now, The Lovers has not been renewed for season 2. After its successful and loved first season, fans were expecting a renewal of the show for season 2. There has been no such announcements for the renewal for season 2 yet, but the ending is not really absolute so it might get a continuation series. 

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While Seamus quits his political life to be in a serious relationship with Janet, we have yet to see how he adjusts to this novelty. So, fans must not lose hope and if we were to guess, we can expect the next season somewhere in the middle of 2024.

What Can Fans Expect?

The first season of the show was interesting and the audience loved it. However, for the next season one cannot really be sure what to expect since there are no official announcements for the continuation of this storyline. 

One can expect to see Janet and Seamus in the next season. However, there’s also a possibility that they might come up with a new story for the new season. Either way, there’s much to look forward to and expect from the budding series. It may fulfill your desire to see your favorite stars performing your most.

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