Will there be a ‘The Mysterious Benedict Society’ Season 3? Phil Hay’s fun-filled mystery drama has had a good run on Disney+. Trenton Lee Stewart’s material has been translated on the screen with a similar world-building ability and nuanced storytelling. Each season consisted of eight episodes and brought forth the adventures of Mr. Benedict and his band of four child recruits as they fought against the evil machinations of Dr. Curtain to save the world.

We have some news about the show’s future for you. Here is what we know about the renewal or cancellation of The Mysterious Benedict Society on Disney+ for season 3.

What happened in Season 2 of The Mysterious Benedict Society?

After the emergency ended, Dr. Curtain proclaimed a new plan of happiness for the world. He also kidnaps Benedict and Number 2 to fail their efforts against him. The rest of the group’s task gets harder without their pals, and they embark on a journey to find them. Subsequently, they participate in an exciting scavenger hunt that will take them closer to getting more answers about their whereabouts.

Has Hotstar's The Mysterious Benedict Society been renewed for Season 3?

The season also sheds light on how and why the Emergency happened in the first place. Moreover, we get much-needed answers about why it ended, with further explanations on how De Curtain wishes to propagate his new plan.

Has The Mysterious Benedict Society been renewed for Season 3?

Unfortunately, the show has not been renewed for season 3. The announcement of the cancellation came from Hay himself. He posted on Twitter to communicate the decision. He wrote: “Dear friends — Season 2 will mark the end of The Mysterious Benedict Society‘s journey on Disney+. We love everyone who helped make this truly special, and life-affirming experience happen. No regrets — so proud of what we made!”

Our very own Mr. Bendict, Tony Hale, also commemorated the occasion by thanking “the fans and the network” for “allowing us two seasons of this beautiful story written by Trenton Stewart.” However, the network is yet to release an official press memorandum notifying the same.

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