Has True Lies Been Renewed for Season 2? Here is what we know!

Has True Lies Been Renewed for Season 2?

Will there be a ‘True Lies’ Season 2?: True Lies on CBS is a direct adaptation of the 1994 movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis, although the plotline and characters have been completely changed.

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Steve Howey and Ginger Gonzaga star as the central spy couple working for Omega, a high-level covert organization tasked with stopping terrorist attacks domestically and internationally. Even though the show has not scored well in terms of making the transition from film to television, it has gained a loyal fan following.

The show has currently aired eleven episodes since the turn of the new year, and the next one, episode 12 of True Lies, will be airing this Thursday. There is a slight change in the scheduling as the next week will be the last of True Lies season 1. Episodes 12 an 13 will air as the two-part finale. In this piece, we discuss the renewal/cancellation status of the show. Being a thoroughbred network show, it is often tricky to call whether or not another season will be green-lit. Here is what we know about a possible season 2 of CBS’s True Lies.

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What is True Lies season 1 about?

True Lies focuses on Harry and Helen Tasker, an ordinary suburban couple in Maryland. Harry is a computer salesman, while Helen is a professor of linguistics at the local univ. They lead a family life with their two teen children, Dana and Jake. But beneath that routine lies an intricate and exciting secret.

Harry actually works as a cover spy for Omega, an IMF-like organization that fights against domestic and international terrorism. In an inadvertent accident, Helen is exposed to this truth and barely makes it alive from the mission.

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Trilby, the boss of Harry’s cover team, decides to include Helen as a trainee at Omega and eventually as a full-time agent. Harry’s team comprises tech support Albert Gibson, tactical support on the field Maria and Luther, and now Helen as well. The couple gets a renewed understanding of their relationship and each other during their life-threatening missions in the field.

Has True Lies been renewed for Season 2?

True Lies has not been renewed by CBS for season 2. The network had ordered a total of 13 episodes for season 1, with the finale set to air on 17 May.

It’s no surprise that the show True Lies has been cancelled by CBS. Despite having a devoted core audience, it failed to attract a significant viewership and was the lowest-rated scripted series of the season. The ratings didn’t fluctuate much, indicating that the loyal viewership wasn’t sufficient to keep the show afloat.

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Fans also weren’t impressed with the television series not expanding upon the movie’s original premise of a bored housewife who does not know her husband is a spy and her husband who lies to keep her in the dark about his real job. The decision to have Helen on the missions and continue with the constant marital bickering was perhaps an honest attempt but ridiculously undercooked.

The show is just not that good to deserve renewal. The cumulative reaction from the viewers and critics has been underwhelming, and that has proved to be significant as CBS has made the decision.

What can we expect from True Lies Episode 13 (Season finale)?

True Lies Episode 13, which will be the series finale, will be dropping on Wednesday 17th, at 10 pm/9c on CBS. The episode is titled Lying Truths, and the summary of the episode’s plot is: “After a van full of computer software containing confidential information about Omega Sector operatives gets hijacked, the team enlists the help of Max, a teen hacker, to learn who is going after the agency. When Harry and Helen discover that Max is dating their daughter, Dana, their actions put the mission in jeopardy.”

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The finale is a two-part affair and is expected to be about an hour and a half long, against the traditional runtime of about 40 minutes.

Checkout the promo for the new episode here:

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