Has Uncoupled been Renewed for Season 2?: Sex & the City’s creator, Darren Star, created Uncoupled on Netflix as a spiritual companion piece. This story and plot primarily offer thoughtful observations about separating from a long-term relationship, changing courtship sensibilities, and navigating a daunting dating world alone.

No more are the gay characters some fancy, funny sidepiece. This show is about that side character without dumbing down their representation. Neil Patrick Harris plays the leading man Michael. He gets a separation shock on his fiftieth birthday from his long-term partner Colin.

The rest of the season follows Michael as he adjusts to a new dating paradigm of which he is completely unaware. Netflix recently announced that they had canceled the show after just one season. We have some exciting news about the next season for you. Here is what we know about season 2 of Uncoupled.

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What is Uncoupled (Season 1) about?

Michael (Patrick Harris) is a successful real estate agent. He and his best friend Susanne (Tisha Campbell) are able to land a rich client, millionaire Claire Lewis (Marcia Gay Harden), who is herself going through a bitter separation. Michael gets the shock of his life after Colin announces his intention to separate after almost seventeen years of companionship. His friends Stanley (Brooks Ashmanskas)and Billy (Emerson Brooks), both gay, help him get back up on his feet. They are also in focus in some episodes as the pair discovers who they really are in life.

His twin attention on a personal and professional front form the rest of the substance in the first season. Subsequently, we see the friends go to plenty of parties, vacations, and expensive dinners to make it worth their time. The season is high on drama and moves at a fluttering pace owing to the standard treatment of the subject matter.

Uncoupled Season 2

Has Uncoupled been renewed for Season 2?

Netflix originally canceled the show. Despite great viewership numbers, a promising roster of creative talent, and the nature of the story, the streaming giant could not keep ahold of the show. In fact, the decision actually came from producer MTV Entertainment Studios to take Uncoupled off Netflix and bring it to Showtime.

So, Showtime has picked up Uncoupled for a second season. Furthermore, there is a strong chance that it will continue for even more seasons. Deadline reports that the plans to expand the universe are right on track. We might see Uncupled as a four-five season drama with fully commissioned episodes in double digits.

Uncoupled Season 2 Plot:

One can definitely call the season finale to be ambiguous and thrilling. Colin came back to Michael’s house after the wedding to say “something.” What that exactly was – the mistake – remains a big question mark. It certainly cannot be about the decision to sell the apartment, which is not in line with his financial prudence. In addition, there might be a wholly new event in the cinematic universe of the show that Michael might have to help Colin with in season 2.

Stanley and his battle with cancer; Billy and his epiphany of losing the cool playboy image and making more sincere attempts to create meaningful relationships; and Suzanne, finally seeing the father of his child, are some of the other subplots that remain unresolved at the end of season 1 of Uncoupled.

Uncoupled (Season 2) Cast:

There is no word yet on the returning members of the cast. Given how the first season ended, we can expect the main roster of actors to make a comeback. Harris, Campbell, Gay Harden, Ashmanskas, Brooks, and Watkins can all be expected to reprise their roles. The probability that they will be recast remains low. But we do not have a confirmation on this front yet.

When will Uncoupled (Season 2) be Released?

Expect the new season to come by the spring of next summer. Showtime, which will soon be integrated with Paramount Plus, has a big lineup of shows coming to air next year. We do not have any news of the production has started on season 2 of Uncoupled. But given the minimal requirements set design-wise, it will not take a lot of time to conclude. Of course, please check back in a while for the latest update on this story.

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