Has Will Trent been renewed for season 2? ABC’s Will Trent is a smart, effective, and personal rendition of the troubled cop genre. Its ailing genius protagonist, played by Ramon Rodriguez, is more than just a brilliant investigator. His character is a complex mix of emotions. He shows vulnerability and angst against what happened to him and his teenhood sweetheart Angie, played by Erika Christensen. Will Trent is a unique television character, with relatively nothing too straightforward or obvious about him, unlike usual stereotypes. The ABC show offers plenty of other outlets to explore everyday themes in original and refreshing plot outlines.

The season 1 finale of Will Trent is due on May 2. In this piece, we discuss the renewal/cancellation status of the show. Being a thoroughbred network show, it is often tricky to call whether or not another season will be greenlit. Here is what we know about a possible season 2 of ABC’s Will Trent.

What is Will Trent Season 1 about?

Will Trent has an anthology format where the case changes in every episode. The investigators remain the same and operate in two teams: Will, Faith Mithcell (Iantha Richardson), and Angie and Michael (Jake McLaughlin). Because the narrative depth of the cases of the former pair is relatively more, most of the episode goes into covering their investigation. Will and Angie are foster children who have been friends since their foster days. They have always looked out for each other and know literally everything about themselves. Their relationship often oscillates between moments of love and hate.

Will somewhat shares the volatility in his dynamic with Angie in his equation with Faith. Even though the two have warmed up to each other by now, occasional heat surfaces. Until now, most cases have covered a spectrum of topics, including cyber attacks, traditional witchcraft, and greed for money. In the backdrop of the cases, the characters also resolve personal issues to become more mature people and spend more time discovering who they really are.

Will Trent Season 2

Has Will Trent been renewed for Season 2?

ABC has officially renewed Will Trent for season 2. Currently, the network has ordered a total of 13 episodes for season 1.

“We’re so thankful to our ABC and Hulu fans for joining us on this wild ride and watching ‘Will Trent.’ When we set out to bring the series to television screens, we wanted to do justice to the gritty, thrilling world that Karin Slaughter created with her bestselling book series,” said producer and star, Ramón Rodríguez.

Variety has reported, “ABC’s new drama “Will Trent” has become the network’s strongest series during the Tuesday 10 p.m. programming block hour in total viewers since “Big Sky” in the 2020-2021 season. After 35 days of viewing across linear and digital platforms, the show has garnered 9.9 million total viewers and a 1.65 rating among Adults 18-49. This has resulted in a 143% increase in total viewers and a 25% jump in ratings among the key demographic this season, improving the hour for ABC.”

How does Will Trent Season 1 End?

Angie is abducted and the finale focuses on Will tracking her down. Through many coincides and smart detective work, he gets sufficient clues that point him toward the serial killer. The culprit turns out to be James Ulster, who was the lawyer introduced in the last episode as the person representing Juice in the ’80s cases. Will also gets meaningful answers about his own childhood and identity. It is revealed Amanda was the one who took him in and gave Will his name. She wanted to keep him but couldn’t.

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What can we expect from Will Trent Season 2?

Well, season 2 of Will Trent will see a renewed bond between Amanda and Will after their emotional connection in the finale of season 1. Most o the central characters are expected to return. Faith Mitchell, Michael Ormewood, and Angie Polaski all made it out alive. But a question mark still persists over Angie’s condition. There was indication she might have paralysis in her legs but nothing is certain for now.

Watch the trailer for Will Trent Season 1.

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