Has ‘Your Honor’ been renewed for Season 3? Here’s what we know!

Your Honor Season 3

Will there be a ‘Your Honor’ Season 3? Bryan Crasnton’s new look for season 2 of Your Honor has buzzed the internet. The actor apparently lost a ton of weight and reached the depths of his experience of fathering a son in real life to once again portray Michael Desiato. He finds himself in a tricky spot once he is released from jail.

The new season of Your Honor adds valuable characters to the mix. It offers some pressing information about original characters like Fia and Eugene that provide dramatic flair to the show.

It has been about two weeks since the second season aired, and fans are already wondering if we will have season 3 after this one. There is still a lot of time to go in the current story. But talking about a third installment is not premature at all. Here is what we know about a possible season 3 for Showtime’s hit legal drama, Your Honor.

What is ‘Your Honor’ Season 1 about?

Michael Desiato is a respected judge. His son Adam meets with a horrible accident on his way back from his mother’s grave and kills the victim. He goes straight to Michael, who is convinced Adam should give himself up. To his absolute horror, the judge discovers that the victim is Rocco Baxter, the son of the local mafia Jimmy Baxter and fears for his life.

What complicates matters further is the fact that Adam starts a relationship with Sophia, Jimmy’s other daughter. The season’s plot follows Michael, Adam, and Charlie, the former’s best friend, as they deal with the murder and protect Adam’s identity.

Your Honor Season 3

These maelstroms of misfortunes and coincidences define the maiden season of Your Honor. Apart from Bryan Cranston, other notable members of the cast include Michael Stuhlbarg, Lilli Kay, Hope Davis, Andrene Ward-Hammond, and Isiah Whitlock Jr., who all reprise their roles on season 2.

Has ‘Your Honor’ been renewed for Season 3?

We have some sad news for the fans of Your Honor. Showtime has decided not to renew Your Honor for season 3. We could not find an official announcement from Showtime. But the news was confirmed by Bryan Cranston in the most candid way while talking to Dax Shepard on his podcast Armchair Expert. “I am [currently] preparing for the second and last season of Your Honor, a limited series I did for Showtime. As they tell me, it got higher ratings than any other series they’ve ever had — and so, one more season of that.”

The show was initially planned as a limited series, running for just one solitary season. However, since it became Showtime’s most-watched series, the network decided to renew it for season two.

What we know about Season 3 so far:

Well, since there will not be a third season, there are no details to share about the plot, release date, or trailer. You can continue following season 2 of Your Honor through our weekly recaps and ending explainers.

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