How to Watch the new Comedy Drama Movie ‘80 for Brady’ starring Jane Fonda?

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How to Watch 80 for Brady?: If you are not aware of who Tom Brady is, you probably haven’t followed American Football, and/or NFL for that matter. However, before you beat yourself up, the recently retired player is such an important personality that there’s a new film called ‘80 for Brady’ out there, which is a testament to the fans he has managed to have over the years. Widely known as the greatest quarterback of all time, his fan following is so huge that director Kyle Marvin decided to center his new film around it.

That said, if I said that this is a film all about celebrity fandom, then I’d be selling it short. 80 for Brady, which is co-written by Sarah Haskins and Emily Halpern, is actually based on a true story. The movie, which slightly (or not-so-slightly) fictionalizes the real-life story, is about a group of four friends who take a wild, adventurous ride to the 2017 Super Bowl, just so they can get a glimpse of their favorite star playing their favorite game.

The biggest draw here is not so much as the story itself – because this feels like a premise tailor-made for direct-to-video releases, but because it casts four legendary older actresses in a role that is often reserved for the more frivolous generation.

The reception so far has mostly been mixed, but the review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes currently holds the movie at a comfortable 63% RT score. The website’s consensus reads, “The titular QB may have been tough to beat on the gridiron, but on the big screen, it’s 80 for Brady’s veteran leading ladies who make this lightweight comedy a fitfully winsome watch.”

80 for Brady Cast:

The greatest draw of this comedy-drama is the exceptional cast of Legendary, Oscar-nominated actresses. Headlining the movie is Lily Tomlin, who stars as Lou. She has had a kind of late-career resurgence with the 2015 indie drama ‘Grandma,’ and watching her again would be such a delight.

Second-billing belongs to climate activist and two-time Oscar Winner Jane Fonda (Taking the Golden statue home for Coming Home (1978) & Klute (1971). The actress stars as Trish after her resurgence in leading roles was with Ritesh Batra’s 2017 film ‘Our Souls at Night.’

The third musketeer in the pack is West Side Story fame, Rita Moreno, who stars as Maura, and capping the friend circle is Sally Field’s Betty, who everyone loved in the 2015 film ‘Hello, My Name Is Doris.’

Is 80 for Brady playing in theatres?

Yes! The comedy movie had a proper wide release in US theatres on February 3rd, 2023. Despite the initial inhibitions, Paramount Pictures did not cave in an released the film exclusively in movie theatres. In order to check theatres listing near you, or to book tickets to enjoy the film in the dark room, head over to Fandango.

Where Can I Stream 80 for Brady?

Currently, there’s no way to stream 80 for Brady. Since Paramount Pictures decided to release it in movie theatres, VOD/Streaming release depends on its theatrical run. However, if you are egar to know where the movie will eventually land on streaming, its safe to say that Paramount+ will be it’s second home.

Looking at the pattern of Paramount’s previous release, Devotion, there’s a big chance that the film will be available on VOD/Digital and the streaming service simultaneously. As to when that would be, is still unknown. Please keep a check on this space as we make more updates in the future.

Watch the Trailer for 80 for Brady Here:

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