How to watch Hypnotic?: Robert Rodriguez is back with his new science-fiction thriller Hypnotic, with Ben Affleck in the lead. Known for his pulpy story-telling across genres, the director’s greatest work is still the one-of-a-kind horror extravaganza, From Dusk Till Dawn which he made back in 1996. Rodriguez, who is also a very dear friend of none other than Quentin Tarantino, continued to make movies after movies in various genres.

His most notable works are the movie adaptation of Frank Miller’s iconic graphic-novel “Sin City” (2005) and its sequel, which he co-directed with Miller, the Spy Kid franchise, which he created and directed all four movies, and the Mexico Trilogy: Desperado. Rodriguez also ventured into Television back in 2014 when he developed a series based on “From Dusk Till Dawn.”

Naturally, with Rodriguez’s name associated with it, Hypnotic is bound to get a lot of attention- especially with a big name like Ben Affleck at the center of it. Written by Max Borenstein and Rodriguez himself, Hypnotic is an original story about a detective whose daughter goes missing, and in the process of the search, he gets entangled in an investigation of reality-changing crimes.

He gets assisted by a gifted psychic while looking for a mysterious man who is very essential for finding the detective’s daughter. In the SXSW festivals back in March 2023, a work-in-progress cut of Hypnotic was shown.

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‘Hypnotic’ Cast:

Affleck is the top draw of the cast, playing detective Danny Rourke. Supporting him in the cast is Brazilian actress Alice Braga who is playing the Psychic named Diana; along with J. D. Parso (Mayans FC), Dayo Okeniyi (The Hunger Games), Jeff Fahey (Lost), Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen), William Fichtner (Prison Break). 13-year-old actor Hala Finley is playing Danny’s daughter.

Is ‘Hypnotic’ playing in movie theatre?

Ketchup Entertainment and Relativity Media released Hypnotic on May 12th, and it is indeed playing in theaters. Despite the audacious premise and the presence of big names like Rodriguez and Affleck, the critical response hasn’t been that great. In fact, it stands at a pretty abysmal 38% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 64 reviews by the Critics. The audience score is rather better, which is 62%, but as per the reports- it is the worst opening weekend of both Affleck and Rodriguez’s careers. The movie’s poor marketing has been blamed for this disastrous outcome at the box office. You can head over to Fandango for tickets if you are planning to watch Hypnotic at a theater.

Where can I stream ‘Hypnotic’ movie online?

As of this moment, Hypnotic is not streaming anywhere online. On Netflix, you might find a movie called Hypnotic, but that has nothing to do with this one. There is no news of an OTT platform picking up the streaming rights, either. But we can take an educated guess that it will be available on Video-on-demand within 45 days of its theatrical release. We will get back to you when we have some more information.

Watch the trailer for ‘Hypnotic’ Here:

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