How to watch Infinity Pool?: The latest brainchild of Brandon Cronenberg, Infinity Pool, has been in the news ever since the project’s announcement. Not only is it Cronenberg’s follow-up to his fantastically twisted Psychological horror Possessor (2020), but it also stars the current horror queen Mia Goth in the lead. Thanks to Ti West’s X and its prequel Pearl, Goth established her credibility as a top-draw horror heroine last year. With Infinity Pool being her first release in 2023, the movie is bound to get all the attention of horror enthusiasts.

Infinity Pool is about a rich couple, James and Em, who go on a vacation with their marriage on the rocks. The couple meets another couple, Gabi and Alban, and they all start hanging out together. But a tragic accident brings James under the scrutiny of law, and his only way out is to pay a hefty sum to make a clone who would take the fall for him. Yes, this is the weirdest possible brief description for any movie. But this fits right into what you would expect from the Cronenbergs, both Brandon and his legendary father, David.

The movie premiered on January 22, 2023, at the Sundance Film Festival, where it was pretty well received. This was followed by a theatrical release in Canada on January 27, 2023. It had an issue with an NC-17 rating from the MPA in the United States. But after Neon, the US distributor appealed against it, the earlier rating was upheld and changed to R.

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While the 86% score on Rotten Tomatoes based on 154 Critic reviews is solid enough, Infinity Pool has already received a lot of disapproving opinions from both Critics and Audiences. While it has been praised for having a larger scale than Possessor, its uniqueness in the plotting and eerie atmospheric charm, words like shallow, cold, and clammy, have also been thrown onto it. That is not surprising for a movie like this, as it ultimately comes down to how you perceive it as an individual.

Infinity Pool Cast:

Alexander Sarsgaard and Cleopatra Coleman star as James and Em in Infinity Pool. The male half of the other couple is being played by French actor Jalil Lespert. And, of course, the enigmatic Gabi is being played by none other than Mia Goth.

While Goth is the star to see here, Sarsgaard’s performance and haunting chemistry with Goth have also managed to grab a lot of eyeballs.

Is Infinity Pool playing in theatres?

Yes! With a fairly decent performance at the box office, Infinity Pool is still playing in several United States theaters. You can check out the Fandango website for details about specific theatres and showtimes if you wish to catch it in a theatre.

Where can I stream Infinity Pool?

You can now stream Infinity Pool by Buying/Renting it on all major Video on Demand services like VUDU, Amazon, Itunes, etc. Currently, the theatre is the only place to watch the movie as it is unavailable for streaming anywhere online.

As far as subscription-based streaming is concerned, Neon hasn’t released any info as of yet. If we get constructive information, we will update this space soon.

Watch the trailer for Infinity Pool Here:

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