How to Watch the new Psychological Drama movie ‘Inside’ starring Willem Dafoe?

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How to Watch ‘Inside’?: Willem Dafoe is renowned for his ability to bring complex and nuanced characters to life in a range of genres, particularly in psychological thrillers and horror films. His exceptional skill at infusing his performances with a unique intensity and unpredictability, such as his portrayal of the enigmatic detective Paul Smecker in The Boondock Saints, has made him one of the most versatile and sought-after actors in the industry.

Meanwhile, director Vasilis Katsoupis is a rising star in the film industry. He has recently made his directorial debut with the biographical documentary, My Friend Larry Gus, and now his first feature film, Inside, is here to make heads turn. With a unique visual and thematic sense to his storytelling abilities, Katsoupis and Defoe’s collaboration can be really interesting. This is why Inside – a high-intensity thriller that has been generating quite the buzz among movie-seekers. 

The heart of the movie revolves around Nemo, an art thief who finds himself trapped in a luxurious New York penthouse following a botched heist. With nothing but priceless works of art surrounding him and an intricate security system restricting his movements, Nemo must utilize his limited resources to stay alive. However, as the situation intensifies, Nemo’s grip on reality begins to slip, leading him toward a state of frenzied madness. From the first look and its reactions post-premiere at Berlinale, Inside feels like a masterful blend of tense atmosphere with a character-driven storyline, promising to be an enthralling watch.

Inside Movie Cast: 

Since this is a survival thriller, one can assume it solely centers around Willem Dafoe, who plays Nemo. However, the credits on IMDb state that there are three other speaking roles, namely Gene Bervoets, who plays the mysterious apartment owner, joined by a supporting cast of Eliza Stuck as Jasmine and Josie Drug as Jack. 

Is ‘Inside’ playing in movie theatres? 

Yes! Beginning 17th March 2023, you will be able to watch Inside in a movie theatre near you. Focus Features has released the film in limited theatres across the US, and you can head to Fandango and know if a theatre near you is playing it. 

Where can I stream ‘Inside’ movie online? 

As of now, you can’t stream Inside anywhere online. However, if we are to take a calculated guess, Inside will eventually be available to stream on Peacock, following the pattern of all their other releases. As to when that would happen is still unknown. 

Additionally, the film should be available to Buy/Rent on VOD services like Amazon, iTunes, etc., as soon as the 45-day theatrical run period is over. So audiences might not have to wait too long. 

Watch the trailer for Inside Here:

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