How to Watch the latest Screenlife Thriller ‘Missing’ starring Storm Reid?


How to watch Missing (2023)?: Will Merrick and Nick Johnson’s Missing (2023) can be best described as the true successor of Anesh Chaganty’s Searching (2018). The screen life thriller/horror genre has received its fair share of popularity, and most of the credit for that goes to Chaganty’s directorial debut. Initially seemed like a mere gimmick to grab some eyeballs, Searching turned out to be an enthralling watch thanks to fantastic acting by the John Cho-led cast and, most importantly, Chaganty’s astute direction.

With Chaganty being one of the producers and having story writing credit, Missing was more or less a safe bet for success. Moreover, the 85% critical approval at the Rotten Tomatoes website is the official confirmation of that.

While Searching had a father looking out for his missing daughter with the aid of all the digital tools, Missing has changed the equation to a reverse one where a teenager is doing the same for her mother. At the center of the movie, we have a regular teenager, June. Her mother, Grace, leaves for a trip to Columbia with her new boyfriend, Kevin. But when Grace doesn’t come back after a week as how she promised, June starts a digital investigation on her own. The exhilarating thrill ride that follows is what you are getting from it, just like Searching but with a different tone.


After premiering at the Sundance Film Festival on January 19th, 2023, Missing was greeted with mostly positive reviews from critics. It has been particularly praised for its fast pace, a scary relatability factor, and enough twists in the tale to hold you on.

Missing Cast:

With the success of Searching to show, the producers have managed to conjure a cast that has a lot of known names. Storm Reed, one of the most promising young actresses of our time (Euphoria, When They See Us), is headlining the cast as June. Nia Long, known for her work in The Fresh Prince of Bell Air back in the nineties and in the Fox show Empire more recently, is playing the mother, Grace. Ken Leung, who has appeared in Lost and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, plays Kevin, the mysterious boyfriend.

Is Missing playing in theatre?

Sony Pictures released Missing in the United States under their screen gems banner. Subsequently, it performed well at the box office, grossing $2.3 million. The date set for a wider release is February 24. You can head over to Fandango to check if it is still playing near you.

Where can I stream Missing?

Missing is not available anywhere online for streaming as of today. Although there hasn’t been any constructive news about the digital release, we can expect it to appear on video-on-demand services or OTT platforms after the 45-day window of a wider release. We will come back with more information for you when we get our hands on it.

Watch the trailer for Missing here:


Where to watch Missing