How To Watch The Latest Action-Comedy “Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre” starring Jason Statham?

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How To Watch “Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre”?: Spies and their mysteriously charming world have an allure that no audience can easily escape. We all crave to be a part of their adrenaline-rushing world. The newest entry into this world is Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre. Jason Statham is back again with the director Guy Ritchie for the fifth time. Their last project together was the hit ‘The Gentlemen.’ Set to release in January 2022, the movie was then pulled back from its schedule by STX Production, rumored to have something with the Ukrainian sidekicks of the antagonist.

With the classic world-saving plot, this movie revolves around an incredible weapon that would lead to chaos if it fell into the wrong hands. Coming to rescue us is the ever-charming spy/private contractor Orson Fortune who leads the team of highly skilled individuals to carry out the mission as provided by Nathan Jasmine, a government agent. The task is to get their hands on the package before Greg Simmonds, an arms dealer, sells it. To reach Greg, the team uses someone whom he can’t refuse, i.e., his favorite actor. The story thus is a wholesome package of action infused with rib-tickling comedy and sometimes suspense.

With an approval rating of 65% based on 23 critic reviews, it has an average rating of 5.9/10 on Rotten Tomatoes. While some critics praised the movie’s making and plot of the movie, others claimed it was promising but failed to deliver the punch required. But since each has their perspective, don’t forget to form your own after watching the film.

Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre Cast:

The team consists of Jason Statham, playing the elite spy Oscar Fortune, contracted by Cary Elwes’ Nathan Jasmine, and is assisted by Aubrey Plaza, playing Sarah Fidel, and Bugzy Malone playing J.J. On the other side, Greg Simmonds is played by Hugh Grant, and his favorite actor Danny Francesco is played by Josh Hartnett.

Along with them, the movie also features Lourdes Faberes as Emilia, Max Beesley as Ben Harris, Eddie Marsan as Knighton, and Kaan Urgancıoğlu as Casa.

Is Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre Playing In Theatres?

Yes! The film is available to be watched in theatres from March 3. You can check out tickets for the same on Fandango, with a complete list of theatres that are playing it near you near you.

Where Can I Stream Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre online?

Yes, you can. In another surprising turn and due to poor box office performance, Lionsgate has released Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre on VOD services like VUDU, Amazon, and Itunes beginning March 9th, 2023.

As far as subscription-based streaming is concerned, there’s no official release date yet. Since Prime Video holds the streaming rights for The UK, one can assume that it will eventually come to Prime Video in the US too. However, with the sudden surge in Lionsgate releases, it’s possible that they will first release the film on Lionsgate Play, depending on location rights. For further updates regarding the release on streaming, please keep an eye out for this space.

Watch the trailer for Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre Here:

Where to watch Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre
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