How to Watch Plane?: Directed by French screenwriter and director Jean-François Richet, Plane is a 2023’s American action thriller starring Gerard Butler. The film is shot in Puerto Rico and follows the life of a commercial pilot named Brodie Torrance, played by Butler. Brodie successfully does an emergency landing during his flight when his plane sustains critical damage during a storm.

However, things soon turn ugly when he discovers that the island on which he landed the plane is Jolo – a secluded area ruled by the Phillippines’ anti-government militias. When one of the militant leaders finds the passengers, they take all of them, hostage. The army is armed and is not friendly toward anyone. They hope to earn a heavy ransom from each of the families.

While the International rescue team finds it challenging to locate the plane, Brodie decides to team up with a convicted murderer who is also one of his passengers. They plan on fighting the armed militants to save the passengers and find their way out of the dangerous island.

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The film’s plot is derived from an original pitch from a novelist named Charles Cumming. In 2016, MadRiver Pictures acquired the film’s rights and announced Marc Butan and Di Bonaventura Pictures’ Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Mark Vahradian as producers. However, in 2019 Lionsgate Films acquired the distribution rights, and the film’s production began around August 2021.

Plane, is currently at 74% on Rotten Tomatoes score based on 88 reviews by film critics. At the same time, the film has an impressive score of 62 out of 100 on Metacritic based on 31 critics. The film has mostly obtained favorable reviews where the critics have enjoyed  the Butler + Colter combo, calling them ‘a fun action duo’ and saying it would be ‘too ridiculous not to watch the film.’


Gerard Butler plays the role of Brodie Torrance, a commercial pilot while Mike Colter plays Louis Gaspare, a convict charged with homicide being transported on the same plane.

Other supporting cast includes Yoson An, Tony Goldwyn, and Daniella Pineda. Plane’s cast also includes Kelly Gale, Remi Adeleke, Quinn McPherson, Paul Ben-Victor, Oliver Trevena, and Joey Slotnick.

Is Plane playing in theatres?

Yes! The film was released on Friday, 13th January 2023, by Lionsgate exclusively in movie theatre theatres Worldwide. You can check the showtime along with the tickets for the Plane on Fandango.

Where can I stream Plane?

As of February 2nd, 2022, Plane is available to Buy/Rent on popular VOD services like Amazon, Vudu and Itunes.

For people who would like to stream it with a subscription, chances are it will be available to stream on Lionsgate Play sooner than later. As to when that would be is still unknown, and we will be updating this space as soon as that changes.

However, if one is to assume, you can watch Plane once it hits streaming after the 45-day window. As to where it would be is still unknown. Since most Lionsgate releases are now landing on Starz before also streaming on the Roku channel, one can assume Plane will also find a place there. It is also likely that the movie will play on LionsgatePlay in most parts of the world. Assumptions aside, you can bookmark this space as we make updates as soon as we get them.

High On Films in collaboration with Avanté

Watch the trailer for Plane here:

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