How to Watch Kelly Reichardt’s new A24 drama movie ‘Showing Up,’ starring Michelle Williams?

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How to Watch ‘Showing Up’?: American filmmaker Kelly Reichardt’s gentle, minimalistic approach to stories has led us to put her up with the most renowned filmmakers working today. While most of her stories are based in the American West, every now and then, she shows up unannounced, taking us to peek into the life lived by individuals in the contemporary world. 

Her latest work, Showing Up, belongs to the second category. After taking us into the early 1800s with her masterful First Cow, Reichardt returns back with a surprisingly funny and affecting take on art and craft. 

The movie follows the journey of Lizzy, an artist, and ceramicist living in Portland, Oregon. Lizzy is on the brink of a major exhibition, but her personal life is in shambles. She struggles to cope with her neighbor, a fellow artist who may be a rival, failing to fix her hot water while her cat’s antics distract her from her work. 

To make matters worse, she feels compelled to take care of a wounded pigeon, causing her to fall even further behind. Meanwhile, her mother, who is an administrator at Lizzy’s community arts center, is dealing with her own familial issues, as her estranged father has house guests from Canada that are causing trouble. To top it all off, Lizzy’s bipolar brother, who shares her artistic passion, is digging an enormous hole in his backyard.

Currently at a 91% Approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 74 reviews, Reichardt’s showing up has been called “Brilliantly nuanced and meticulously observed,” with the RT consensus reading, “A deceptively simple drama about the artist’s life, Showing Up reunites Kelly Reichardt and Michelle Williams to absorbing effect.”

Showing Up Cast:

Showing Up marks the fourth collaboration between Kelly Reichardt and Michelle Williams. After the first three critically acclaimed indie darlings – Wendy and Lucy (2008), Meek’s Cutoff (2010) & Certain Women (2016), Showing Up features Williams as Lizzy. 

Hong Chau, who had an incredible 2022 with hits like The Menu and The Whale, will be playing Lizzy’s neighbor Jo. 

Rounding off the cast are Maryann Plunkett, who plays Jean, John Magaro, who plays Sean, André Benjamin, who plays Eric, James LeGos, who plays Ira, and Judd Hirsch, who plays Bill. 

Is ‘Showing Up’ playing in movie theatres? 

Yes! After premiering at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, A24 has finally released Showing Up in limited theatres across the US on April 7th, 2023. If you wish to check out the film, head to Fandango and book a ticket. 

Where can I stream ‘Showing Up’ movie online? 

Right now, nowhere. The only way to watch the movie right now will be in a movie theatre. However, looking at the limited release, it’s most likely that Showing Up will be available on VOD services (including A24’s own digital purchase site) like Amazon, VUDU, and Itunes within 45 days of its initial theatrical release. 

As far as the subscription-based streaming release date is concerned, A24 hasn’t made updates as to when and where the movie will stream online. However, if we are to make a calculated guess, Showtime – the streaming where most of A24’s latest releases have gone up should be the place to stream the movie. As to when that would be is still unknown. For further updates, please keep a check on this space. 

Watch the trailer for ‘Showing Up’ Here: 

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