Where to Stream ‘Parachute’? Want to get caught up in an interesting drama? Don’t look any further than “Parachute,” an American movie from 2023 directed by Brittany Snow in her first film as a director. It follows the trip of its main characters, Courtney Eaton and Thomas Mann. 

Thanks to Yale Entertainment, “Parachute” made its much-anticipated launch at the SXSW Film Festival in March 2023, where it got a lot of attention and praise. Now that “Parachute” is available to watch, people can follow the touching story as it unfolds.  The story written by Snow and Gleason is brought to life by a skilled cast led by Eaton. Don’t miss the chance to read it. Find out where you can watch and stream “Parachute,” and get ready for a movie experience you’ll never forget.

What is the movie about?

“Parachute” follows Riley as she comes out of rehab and deals with her problems with food and her body image. As she starts her path to recovery, she meets Ethan. This creates a complicated situation between true love and the possibility of a new dependency. Riley is trying to find the right mix between loving someone no matter what and giving in to the urge to become addicted to something else. Through their changing relationship, she faces her inner struggles and learns how to deal with the difficulties of healing and the search for real connections.

Where to watch ‘Parachute’?

Your best bet to watch “Parachute” right now might be through limited theatrical screenings, depending on your location. Check local theater listings using websites or apps like Fandango or Atom Tickets.

Is ‘Parachute’ streaming anywhere else?

Not yet: It’s not currently streaming on major services like Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Max.

When does ‘Parachute’ come out on streaming?

There is no official announcement about a streaming release date yet.

Is ‘Parachute’ free to watch?

No. If it’s playing in theaters, you’ll need to purchase a ticket. Streaming or digital rental/purchase would likely require a subscription or a separate fee in the future.

Is ‘Parachute’ on Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Max?

No current information suggests it’s on those platforms yet.

Is ‘Parachute’ available to rent or buy digitally?

No, it is not available to rent or buy digitally.

Watch the trailer here:

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