How to Watch ‘The Five Devils’?: After premiering at the prestigious Directors’ Fortnight section of the Cannes Film Festival, the French Supernatural thriller “The Five Devils” (French: “Les Cinq Diables”) is all set to make its global presence felt. Directed by the talented Léa Mysius, who co-wrote the screenplay with Paul Guillaume, the notorious new film has been in the news for over and year after an extremely exhausting shoot that it had in 2021.

The story follows Vicky – a young girl with an extraordinary gift. She possesses the ability to capture any scent she chooses, storing them meticulously in labeled jars. Vicky is a solitary child, and her bond with her mother, Joanne, is unbreakable – she even captures her mother’s scent in secret. However, when Julia, Vicky’s aunt, appears in their life, Vicky also starts to reproduce her scent.

Julia has recently been released from prison, and Vicky finds herself transported into a world of dark and magical memories. As she dives deeper into her scent collection, Vicky begins to unravel the secrets of her village, family, and, ultimately, her own existence. Join Vicky on a spellbinding journey of discovery as she unlocks the hidden truths of her past and uncovers the mysteries of her present.

After receiving a 5-minute standing ovation in Cannes, the film was released in Frace to glowing reviews. Currently, at a Rotten Tomatoes score of 84%, the website’s consensus states, “Overflowing with ideas as it moves across genres, The Five Devils uses intoxicating, magical realism to explore a family’s troubled past.”

The Five Devils Cast:

The Five Devils cast is headlined by Adèle Exarchopoulos, who plays Joanne Solar. Audiences must be aware of Adèle from the critically and commercially successful Blue is the Warmest Colour.

The young actor Sally Drame plays Vicky, while the supporting cast includes Swala Emati as Julia, Moustapha Mbengue as Jimmy, Daphne Latakia as Nadine, etc.

Is ‘The Five Devils’ playing in movie theatres?

Yes! MUBI, which holds the North American rights for the film, opted for a theatrical release where the thriller was released in a limited capacity across the USA on March 24th, 2023. If you wish to check whether the theatres near you are playing it, head over to Fandango.

Where can I stream ‘The Five Devils’ movie online?

As of now, nowhere. However, for viewers who aren’t eager to head out to theatres, the movie will be available to stream on MUBI in selected countries across the world beginning 12th May 2023. Audiences who have a MUBI subscription can watch the movie for free.

Watch the trailer for The Five Devils Here:

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