How to Watch ‘Tori and Lokita’?: Belgian filmmakers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne are renowned for their exceptional ability to craft powerful and thought-provoking dramas. With acclaimed films such as “The Promise,” “Rosetta,” “The Kid with a Bike,” and “Two Days, One Night,” the Dardenne brothers have established themselves as masters of the genre. Now, they have returned with their latest offering, “Tori and Lokita,” a gripping thriller that delves into themes of labor exploitation and state-run childcare.

As always, the Dardenne brothers have brought their trademark realism and emotional depth to the story, creating a compelling and socially relevant film that tells the story of two African immigrants living on the fringes of Belgian society.

Twelve-year-old Tori (played by newcomer Pablo Schils) and seventeen-year-old Lokita (Joely Mbundu, also making her film debut) struggle to survive in a world that seems determined to crush them. Despite their young ages, Tori and Lokita are forced to work as performers in a seedy trattoria, where they also deal drugs on the side for the abusive cook. They must navigate the harsh realities of an indifferent bureaucracy while also trying to avoid the clutches of violent smugglers.

When Lokita is kidnapped while working in a marijuana grow house, Tori must muster all of his courage and resourcefulness to save his friend from their abusers. As events spiral out of control, the two young immigrants are pushed to their limits, testing their friendship and their will to survive.

Through their expert storytelling, the Dardenne brothers shine a light on the plight of immigrants and the struggles they face in a system that often fails to protect them. Currently sitting comfortably at an 84% RT score, the film is called ‘quite devastating’ and ‘a heartrending social-realist drama’ by renowned film critics.

Tori and Lokita Cast:

As mentioned above, debutant actors Pablo Schools and Joel Mbundu are playing the titular characters of Tori and Lokita in the latest Dardenne Brothers film.

Alba Ukase plays Betim, Tijmen Govaerts plays Luckas, Charlotte de Bruyne plays Margot, Nadège Ouedraogo plays Justine, and Marc Zingra will be playing Firmin, rounding off the supporting cast.

Is ‘Tori and Lokita’ playing in movie theatres?

Yes! After releasing in Belgium on 7th September 2022 via Cinéart and in France on 5th October 2022 via Diaphana Distribution, Janus Films released Tori and Lokita in limited theatres across the US on March 24th, 2023. If you wish to go see the film in a movie theatre, head on to Fandango and book a ticket.

Where can I stream ‘Tori and Lokita’ movie online?

If you are in the US, there’s no way to watch the movie online just yet. Earlier this year, the film was released on VOD in the UK and Canada, with plans to do the same in North America. However, when that would be is still unknown.

As far as subscription-based streaming is concerned, there’s no update on when and where Tori and Lokita will start streaming. Seeing how the distribution is handled by Janus Films, one can assume that it will eventually land on The Criterion Channel or HBO Max. Stay tuned for more updates.

Watch the trailer for Tori and Lokita Here:

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