How to watch What We Do Next?: Acclaimed director Stephen Belber’s latest thriller movie, “What We Do Next,” is making a lot of noise these days. The thriller that premiered in April last year at the Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival is finally out there for you to see.

Even though this is only the third directorial effort of Belber, the man has a huge body of work that establishes him as pretty much of a legend. Also a playwright and screenwriter, Broadway has produced his play, and that too over more than fifty countries. Belber’s directorial credit includes the 2008 romantic comedy-drama Management, which starred Jennifer Aniston, Woody Harrelson, and Steve Zahn, and the 2014 film adaptation of Match, starring Patrick Stewart in the lead based on Belber’s own play. He was also an associate writer for the 2012 HBO movie The Laramie Project.

What We Do Next, written by Belber, is the story of Elsa Mercado, a woman who has served 16 years in Prison for killing her abusive father. The movie is mainly about her tryst with a New York City Councilwoman and a Corporate Attorney who is somehow involved in the original crime. The movie was shot in Louisville back in the autumn of 2020, in only about six and a half shooting days during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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What We Do Next Cast:

There are only three characters in the movie. Ecuadorian American actress Michelle Veintimilla is playing the lead role of Elsa. The actress has a pretty solid CV consisting of playing the villain Firefly in the Fox show “Gotham,” Carmen in another Fox show “The Gifted,” Marie Joblanski in the Netflix drama series “Seven Seconds” and Hayden in the Netflix science fiction series “The I-Land.” Actress Karen Pittman, most famous for her role in the Apple TV+ drama “The Morning Show,” plays the Council-woman role. The most famous name in the cast is Corey Stoll, who we have seen in Netflix’s House of Cards and MCU’s Antman (2015) and Antman and the Wasp: Quantamania (2023), among so many other things. Stroll is playing the role of a corporate lawyer here.

Is What We Do Next playing in theatre?

After traveling to many Festivals for over a year, What We Do Next was finally released in limited theatres across the United States. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive so far, with the movie currently holding a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes. So to catch it in a theatre, head over to Fandango and find a convenient showtime.

Where can I stream What We Do Next?

As of now, you can’t stream What We Do Next online. There is not much information available regarding its OTT release either. But I am taking an educated guess here and saying that it will release on VOD within 45 days of theater release, which should be at the end of April. If we find any new information, we will provide that to you.

Watch the trailer for What We Do Next Here:

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