The 2023 Hollywood Professional Association (HPA) Awards were a dazzling display of creativity, achievement, and skill in the film industry. The legendary restoration of Francis Ford Coppola’s 1972 masterpiece “The Godfather” by Paramount Pictures won the prestigious Achievement in Restoration award. Several series were recognised for their great achievements at the occasion. Barry, House of the Dragon, and The White Lotus were mentions among them.

Sphere Entertainment Co. Takes Center Stage

The groundbreaking Sphere Entertainment Co., creators of the groundbreaking Las Vegas entertainment venue Sphere, were honoured with the prestigious Judges Award for Creativity and originality, a moment that gleamed with originality. The pioneering production technologies and methodology usd by the venue were acknowledged with the honour, ushering in a new era of immersive entertainment and shared audience experiences. Sphere Entertainment Co. was commended by the jury for their innovative approaches to the entertainment sector.

Engineering Excellence Awards

The Engineering Excellence Awards celebrated technological prowess, with accolades presented to industry leaders:

Adobe – Text-Based Editing in Premiere Pro:

High On Films in collaboration with Avanté
  • Recognized for advancements in text-based editing within its Premiere Pro editing software.

Flanders Scientific – XMP550 55-inch UHD HDR and SDR Reference Monitor:

  • Acknowledged for the creation of the XMP550 monitor, setting new standards in UHD resolution HDR and SDR reference mastering.

Kino Flo – Mimik 120 Image-Based Lighting Fixture:

  • Honored for the Mimik 120, an innovative image-based lighting fixture synchronizable to an XR virtual production volume for enhanced foreground lighting.

stYpe – StypeLand XR (Honorable Mention):

  • Commended for StypeLand XR, a plugin facilitating the mapping of graphics into LED panels for XR volumes.

Excellence in Color Grading

Outstanding Color Grading awards recognized excellence in different categories:

Live-Action Theatrical Feature

Animated Theatrical Feature

Live-Action Episode or Non-Theatrical Feature


  • Winner: “Chimp Empire – “Paradise”
    • Grader: Blair Wallace (Evolutions Post Production)


  • Winner: Expedia – “Wisdom & Obi”
    • Grader: Mark Gethin (Trafik)

Excellence in Editing

Outstanding Editing awards highlighted remarkable achievements:

Theatrical Feature

  • Winner: Oppenheimer
    • Editor: Jennifer Lame, ACE

Episode or Non-Theatrical Feature (30 Minutes and Under)

A still from Barry, Season 4, Episode 7 – A Nice Meal.

Episode or Non-Theatrical Feature (Over 30 Minutes)

  • Winner: The White Lotus – “Arrivederci
    • Editor: John M. Valerio, ACE


  • Winner: Moonage Daydream
    • Editor: Brett Morgen

Outstanding Sound Achievements

Exceptional sound design was recognized in various categories:

Theatrical Feature

  • Winner: John Wick: Chapter 4
    • Sound Team: Mark Stoeckinger, Andy Koyama, Casey Genton, Alan Rankin, Manfred Banach (Formosa Group)

Episode or Non-Theatrical Feature

  • Winner: The Last of Us – “Infected
    • Sound Team: Michael Benavente, Marc Fishman, Kevin Roache, Chris Terhune, Chris Battaglia (Formosa Group)


  • Winner: If These Walls Could Sing
    • Sound Team: George Foulgham, Philip Moroz, Alex Gibson, Tom Verstappen, Miles Sullivan (George Foulgham Soundscapes Ltd.)

Outstanding Visual Effects

The visual effects category celebrated excellence both in live-action features and series:

Live-Action Feature

  • Winner: Avatar: The Way of Water
    • VFX Team: Christopher Edgen, Nick Epstein, Wayne Stables, Pavani Rao Boddapati, Sergei Nevshupov (Wētā FX)

Live Action Episode or Series Season

  • Winner: House of the Dragon – “The Heirs of the Dragon
    • VFX Team: Angus Bickerton, Nikea Ford, Mike Bell (MPC), Sven Martin, Mark Spindler (Pixomondo)

Supporting Visual Effects — Episode or Series Season

Achievement in Restoration

The pinnacle of cinematic preservation was embodied in the achievement in restoration category:

  • Winner: The Godfather (1972)
    • Restored by Paramount Pictures

Closing Remarks

The celebration featured an emotional short film, “Tribute to Post,” produced by HPA, which served as a tribute to the participants’ perseverance during a difficult year. Honouring those that enhance narrative via technology innovation and creative quality, the HPA Awards 2023 showcased the best in the industry. The list of winners is a reflection of how the film industry is constantly changing and paving the way for more great films in the future.

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