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Hulu Vs Netflix Vs Prime Video – Which One is Best For You?

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We are living in a digital era of having a myriad streaming services for entertainment. Each one has a unique set of features making us very confused while choosing our go-to streaming service. Of course, we don’t wanna buy each and every streaming service available on the market. I am gonna make your life easy by distinguishing the unique features of the most famous streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and Prime Video. After reading this I am sure you can come to the decision on choosing your streaming service based on the type of entertainment and features offered by Hulu, Netflix, and Prime Video.

All these services look so similar, it’s hard to decide which one you should go for. But, few major differences make one the perfect option.

What are the key differences?

Now, let’s discuss some of the key differences between Hulu vs Netflix vs Prime Videos in this section.

If you’re interested in Hulu, then you should really be thinking about the latest movies, shows, and along-with Live TV, as those are its unique features. Sure, both Netflix and Prime Video are also offering popular HD movies and the latest television shows, but not live tv channels.

Hulu is a great choice when you’re a cord-cutter.

The majority of the Hulu users stopped using the set-top box providers because they can able stream both live tv channels and movies anytime. Maybe not useful, if you have a cable connection.

On another side, Netflix and Prime Video are quite similar services but distribute different content. These two are the top OTT platforms that produce and release movies and show directly on their platform just like a cinema theatre.

Many people choose this kind of service in this corona pandemic because all the recent flicks are releasing through over-the-top platforms only.

Apart from the OTT, they host thousands of original content including movies, documentaries, events, series, shows, serials, and more.

In terms of Prime Video, you’ve got the opportunity to watch on-demand content, listen to music without ads, prime shopping with huge discounts, and faster delivery. But, doesn’t have live tv and Netflix originals.

Which Service is User Friendly (Easy-To-Use)?

Let’s start with the design: How is everyone loves streaming videos online? Well, it would be great if the application is designed with a simple layout, useful playback options, and well categorized.

The good part is that all these services have above mentioned designed elements.

Sure, the navigation bar and custom settings on Hulu, Prime Video, and Netflix are slightly different but the sidebar/category bar and the search function are mostly the same.

Here’re some common user-friendly features of these services;

  • Simplified UI for mobile, TV, and computer.
  • Regular content and development updates.
  • Content recommendations as per user interests.
  • Easier access to favorites and downloads.
  • A lightweight, easy-to-use video player.
  • A faster way to access MyList/My stuff/MyChannels.

One drawback here: You can’t change the skins of Hulu, Netflix, and Prime Video as like Kodi.

In short, If you switch between these platforms you will get to know little difference in your streaming experience. One noticeable difference, though, is the selection of content and homepage.

Netflix defaults its homepage to “Your List, “Popular on Netflix”, “Award-winning TV dramas”, “Watch it again”, “Recently added”, etc. It has a left sidebar. While prime video defaults to the same options as Netflix but having a menubar at the top.

But, Hulu’s homepage is different from Netflix and Prime. At the top, you can see two “top picks” from Hulu, and all the content sorted in the remaining rows below.

Both Netflix and Prime Video are winners in the easier to use section.

Which Has More Content?

These 3 video streaming apps have good catalogs that include different kinds of genres from Drama, Action, Adventures, Romance, Comedy, Thriller, Horror to many more. Here, let’s find out which has more content.


With over 15,000+ titles in its video library, Netflix has a vast collection of classic movies, popular TV shows, award-winning documentaries, Anime, and more. But, does Netflix offer regional content? Of course, Yes. You can find decent regional cinemas from Bollywood, Tollywood, Mollywood, Kollywood, and more.

Netflix’s 25+ categories have everything covered. Thanks to Netflix production house and deals with top movies studios. But, it’s not limited to host content, it also releases movies through its OTT.

Prime Video: 

Prime Video has a wide variety of video streams from Amazon originals, movies, TV, and kids. As per the latest reports from Statista, Prime video’s content size reached 18,000+ titles with as many as available in HD quality.

It shows only fewer genres on the Search page than what Prime Video provides. However, Prime video provides us regional content, just like Netflix. But, sorted by languages like English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Spanish, Malayalam, etc.

Prime Video recently launched an add-on subscription for channels such as Lionsgate, Discovery+, ErosNow, SportsTV, Mubi, Manorama, and more.

According to the latest survey, Prime video has more OTT release than Netflix, where Netflix is busy in making own production content.


While not as close as Netflix and Prime do, Hulu also offers the latest films and TV episodes. With Hulu + Live TV, catch up 75+ top live tv channels from live sports, news, to events.

Hulu is regularly updating its live tv channel guide with more new channels. A few days back, they have added 14 with the ViacomCBS contract.

So, you’ll never miss out on watching premium leagues (NFA, NBA, NHL, etc.) from sports channels.


Cord-cutters – Hulu
OTT lovers – Netflix & Prime Video
Free HD movies and TV shows – Hulu
For originals – Prime and Netflix

Choosing the best service from the top services as per content is a difficult task because it depends on user intent and situation. If you want to watch a particular movie or show then make sure to check its availability on these platforms then go for it.

Which one is affordable?

If you’re comparing the base price of Netflix and Prime Video, it’s a draw. You can get both of them for only $8.99. Whereas the basic plan of Hulu is $5.99. But, you won’t Live TV option for this plan.

However, if you want live tv streaming, you’ll need to choose the “Hulu + Live TV”; which costs about $54.99/per month for 3 months.

You’re a person who can spend money on a yearly subscription basis, there is a chance for some discounts as well.

I already prepared a comparison chart between these applications for easy understanding, please check it below.

Are There Any Free Alternative Sources?

Yes, everybody loves to watch content without paying a single penny. So, most of the users are moved to free sources for premium content.
There are many apps available on the web to streaming videos for free, with no signup, or subscription. I’ve added the top 5 best apps for free movies, shows, and channels;

Remember that, you’ll experience advertisements in between the video and few popup ads at the start and end. Luckily, you can minimize the commercials by switching the video player to MX Player, VLC, YesPlayer, and cLeafPlayer.

These are the alternative options when you can’t offer money, your existing subscriptions got expired, or have compatibility issues.


So which one is better, Hulu, Netflix, or Prime Video? The answer is “It depends on what you’re looking for”.

Overall, Prime Video and Netflix are on equal footing regarding pricing, amount of content, quality, and user-friendly. I believe these are essential to your video streaming experience.

But, if you’re someone who’s searching for IPTV to watch live tv channels on air from various categories, then Hulu is probably is a better option.

Author: Perk Hareesh

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