Mike Judge returns to the world of adult animation with In the Know, a truly unique show that blends parts of a sitcom and an interview show in a way that works very well. People who know a lot about adult comedies know the name Mike Judge. He is praised for his work on cult classics like Office Space and Idiocracy as well as famous animated series like King of the Hill and Beavis and Butthead. It’s impossible to deny Judge’s comedic skills and influence on the genre.

Adding to the excitement is the fact that Judge will be working with Zach Woods again after working with him in Silicon Valley. The two are known for working well together in the past, and they bring that artistic synergy to this brand-new animation show. Since Judge has a history of success and In the Know looks like it will be a unique mix of comedy and an interview style, it should be able to keep people interested and add to Judge’s reputation in the world of adult animation. Here’s everything you need to know about In the Know.

Voice Cast & Characters Explained

  • Zach Woods appears as Lauren Caspian
  • Mike Judge appears as Sandy
  • Caitlin Reilly appears as Fabian
  • Charlie Bushnell appears as Chase
  • J. Smith-Cameron appears as Barb
  • Carl Tart appears as Carl

Zach Woods and Mike Judge, in addition to their roles in creating the series, also take on prominent characters in In the Know.” Zach Woods, renowned for his portrayal of Gabe Lewis in The Office, lends his voice to the title character, Lauren Caspian. Meanwhile, Mike Judge, the iconic voice of Beavis and Butt-Head, assumes a supporting role as Sandy, a character drawing comparisons to Creed Bratton from The Office.

The stellar voice cast for In the Know extends beyond Woods and Judge. J. Smith-Cameron, known for her role in Succession, voices Barb, while Charlie Bushnell of Percy Jackson and the Olympians fame brings Chase to life. Caitlin Reilly, recognized from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, voices Fabian, and Carl Tart, featured in Star Trek: Lower Decks, lends his voice to the character Carl.

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Moreover, the celebrity interviews featured in In the Know are nothing short of star-studded, mirroring the impressive voice cast. Season 1 boasts interviews with renowned personalities, contributing to the allure and excitement surrounding the series. The celebrities are:

  • Boxer and actor Mike Tyson
  • Pop music duo Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Keisten Quin
  • Queer Eye subject Jonathan Van Ness
  • Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard
  • Model and Bottoms star Kaia Gerber
  • House star Hugh Laurie
  • Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns
  • MMA fighter Jorge Masvidal
  • Singer and songwriter Norah Jones
  • Comedian and Nailed it host Nicole Byer
  • Author and professor Roxane Gay


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Release date

The release date of ‘In the Know’ is Thursday, January 25th, 2024.


As the third most popular host on NPR, Lauren Caspian is a good-hearted but hypocritical nimrod, just like the rest of us. What’s the special twist? Lauren is a stop-motion puppet (or you can say doll).

Each episode of In the Know shows how Lauren’s show is made behind the scenes, with in-depth talks with real people like guests on the show. As the story goes on, Lauren works with a diverse group of NPR employees who, in a strange way, are also mimics and nimrods. The result is a fun and silly look at both the production and the silliness of Lauren Caspian’s world.

Where to Watch ‘In the Know’?

You can watch In the Know exclusively on Peacock.

Episodes Listing

There are currently no updates on the episodes of  ‘In the Know’

Watch the trailer here

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