If you’re looking for interesting Japanese reality TV, “Is She the Wolf?” will be a game-changer. This show is based on the hugely popular “Who Is the Wolf,” which was made by Abema and ran for an amazing 13 seasons. “Is She the Wolf?” is full of suspense, drama, and romance because it has a unique idea and a group of exciting contestants.  It is sure to be a hit in the world of reality TV, thanks to its original idea and interesting team. You can’t miss this show if you like reality TV or if you are looking for a new and interesting series to watch all at once.

“Is She the Wolf?” Release Date

The release date of “Is She the Wolf?” is September 3, 2023.

What to Expect:

This Japanese reality show brings an innovative twist to the world of dating and romance. The show features ten contestants, five men, and five women, carefully selected from a diverse range of backgrounds, with ages spanning from 22 to 32. Their mission? To find love, and they do so by engaging in a series of dates and collaborative group tasks. However, here’s where it gets intriguing. Among the female contestants, an undisclosed number of “lying wolves” have infiltrated the group. These wolves are on a mission to avoid falling in love or accepting love confessions from others. Their true identities must remain concealed until the season’s conclusion.

“Is She the Wolf?” takes a refreshingly novel approach to love-finding reality TV. It challenges contestants and the audience to distinguish between genuine connections and clever deception the wolves use. The suspense escalates as participants and viewers alike attempt to unveil the truth behind budding romances. Notably, actress Nako Yabuki, one of the studio commentators, offers unique insights into the wolves’ experience, stating her own challenge of coping should one of the wolves develop genuine feelings for a contestant. She also shares the excitement of attempting to decipher the lies on the show.

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“Is She the Wolf?” Contestants:

The inaugural “Is She The Wolf” season introduces a diverse and intriguing cast of contestants. On the women’s side, we have Sakurako, Gabby, Mikako, Julie, and Honoka, each bringing their own distinct personalities and stories to the show. On the men’s side, the roster includes Robin, Masaki, Taiju, Tomoki, and Who-ya, promising a dynamic mix of characters and interactions that will keep viewers hooked throughout the season.

Where to Watch “Is She the Wolf?”

For those eager to dive into the world of “Is She the Wolf,” you can start a marathon-viewing on Netflix. Season one of this reality show can be streamed exclusively on Netflix, allowing viewers to watch the drama unfold at their own pace.

Episodes Listing:

  • 1. What Is Love?
  • 2. Another Wolf
  • 3. A Love That Can’t Last
  • 4. A Love Running Out of Time
  • 5. Can You Lie to the One You Love?
  • 6. A Wish Upon the Falling Cherry Blossoms
  • 7. A Wish Made With Hands Intertwined
  • 8. If I Can’t See You Again
  • 9. Can’t Get Back That Smile
  • 10. Tell Me Your Lies
  • 11. One Last Time, One Last Lie
  • 12. Don’t Run Out of Love

Watch the trailer here:

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