‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ First Look Revealed at CinemaCon: On Thursday, CineamCon witnessed Martin Scorsese dazzling the audience by revealing the first image from his next film, Killers of the Flower Moon. When he stepped on to the stage, he may have received the loudest and longest-lasting applause of anyone at CinemaCon, forcing the audience to quiet down.

“This is a big-screen movie, and that’s what we made. I could only have made this picture with collaborators who are remarkable and who are dedicated to bringing this story to life on an epic scale. I needed actors brave enough to play complicated characters.”

Director Martin Scorsese

Robert De Niro, Lily Gladstone, and Leonardo DiCaprio feature in the Western crime drama from Apple Original Films and Paramount. The movie will receive an exclusive release in theatres throughout the world, premiering on October 6 in a small number of theatres before going worldwide on October 20. This is a watershed moment for Apple’s debut in the theatrical market. Later, the film will make its streaming debut on Apple TV+. Additionally, Apple and Sony are working together to bring Ridley Scott’s Napoleon to theatres.

Flower Moon reunites Scorsese with DiCaprio and De Niro and as the filmmaker noted, is the first time he’s directed both of them in the same feature. The film runs a lengthy time of three hours and 26 minutes and will make its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival next month. Scorsese thanked Osage Nation and Paramount and Apple Films, who are real believers of the cinema in his mind.

The film’s brutality, historical attire, and a few laughs provided by Jesse Plemons‘ sardonic Washington, D.C., detective possessed Scorsese’s signature pace and swagger. The film, which Scorsese and screenwriter Eric Roth adapted from the best-selling nonfiction book by David Grann from 2017, concentrates on an FBI investigation into a string of Osage killings that happened in Oklahoma in the early 1920s. After oil was found on tribal land, it was dubbed the Reign of Terror.

DiCaprio plays Ernest Burkhart, the nephew of cattle baron William Hale (De Niro), in his sixth collaboration with Scorsese. Gladstone, who is Blackfeet and Nimipuu by descent and made her name in Kelly Reichardt’s Certain Women 2017, plays Mollie Kyle, an Osage woman who has inherited her wealth in oil. Gladstone is also a member of the Blackfeet and Nimipuu tribes. Plemons plays Tom White, a former Texas Ranger who is looking into the deaths, while the other actors in the cast include Cara Jade Myers, JaNae Collins, Jillian Dion, and Tantoo Cardinal.

“When this director is inspired by true stories, think about the results. We are in Vegas, so let’s start with Casino. Raging Bull. The Aviator. The Irishman. Goodfellas. The list goes on and on. All of them classics.”

Paramount Film Boss Brian Moss

Source: TheHollywoodReporter

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