Korean Dramas in February 2024: Are you looking for some heart-fluttering content or a thrilling escape this February? Buckle up, drama fans, because February 2024 brings to you Korean dramas perfect for a cozy night in. And while Valentine’s Day might officially fall in February, these dramas will sweep you off your feet! Get ready to get your binge on!

Branding in Seongsu | Feb 5 | Where to Watch: Viki

Branding In Seongsu is a business romance thriller about a young intern and a marketing team lead. So Eun Ho believes in living life to the fullest yet despite that attitude, signs up for being an intern at a firm. Eun Ho and his boss don’t get along initially, as they end up fighting or arguing all the time. Kang Na Eon is Eun Ho’s boss and is the youngest team lead. She has sacrificed a lot of her relationships to be where she is in her career. Things suddenly change when she gets involved with Eun Ho. The series has romance, mystery, an element of body swapping, and a lot of more exciting stuff.

Killer Paradox | Feb 9 | Where to Watch: Netflix

Killer Paradox is a thriller mystery about a man who has a supernatural ability to spot evil people. Lee Tang can know if someone is bad and deserves to die for their bad deeds. He is a college student who works part-time at a convenience store. One night during his shift, a drunk man comes and creates a problem. Lee Tang, in an attempt to stop this man, swings a hammer, and the man ends up dying. As soon as he realizes what he has done, he is scared and worried. But one thing leads to another, and he becomes a serial killer himself, taking out every evil person he finds. Unfortunately for Lee Tang, a detective is chasing him to punish him for the murders.

Grand Shining Hotel | Feb 10 | Where to Watch: TvN

Grand Shining Hotel is a fantasy, mystery horror drama about an employee and her boss who are sucked into a horror novel and are living inside of it. Yoo Ah-Young works at a publishing company. Her boss, Sang Woo-Bin, whom she has a crush on, is also with her in the horror novel. In the novel and their new reality, they are fighting a serial killer and trying to find a way to escape from the novel. The series stars Jung In Sun from Eulachacha Waikiki.

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Wedding Impossible | Feb 26 | Where to Watch: TvN

Wedding Impossible is a rom-com about the son of a chaebol family, Lee Do-Han, and an actress, Na A-Jeon. A-Jeon is a junior artist who plays the role of a married woman. In real life, she does not have any luck with romance. Do-Han is her friend whose family is pressuring him to get married, but for some reason, he cannot marry. He reaches out to his friend A-Jeon and asks her if she would marry him and act as a wife and daughter-in-law. She agrees, but Do-Han has a younger brother who wants to see Do-Han take over the family business. He brings in Yoon Chae Won as Do-Han’s potential wife, causing a commotion in Do-Han and A-Jeon’s plans.

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