La Brea (Season 3), Episode 3 Preview: We saw Lucas take on the part of the newly chosen leader of the group in the previous episode of Season 3 of La Brea. His main worry was about Veronica, his girlfriend who was pregnant, and the idea of raising their child in the difficult time period of 10,000 BC. At the same time, Riley had a dangerous meeting with a T-rex that left him hurt. For an answer, Josh decided to take her to the future so she could get the right medical care.

While these things were happening, Gavin had dreams of his future in which he worked for a woman named Maya Smith, who was in charge of a military group. Because they were interested and needed answers, Gavin and Levi set out to find Petra to learn more about Gavin’s mother. Their search took a surprising turn, though, people from the military group kidnapped Petra and Levi. Now, fans are excited to know what will happen in episode 3. Here’s the La Brea (Season 3), Episode 3 Preview that covers everything you need to know.

What Happened in La Brea Season 3 Episode 2?

  • Lucas emerges as the group’s newly elected leader.
  • His primary concern revolves around his pregnant girlfriend, Veronica, and their future in this 10,000 BC timeline.
  • Riley sustains injuries from a T-rex encounter.
  • Josh decides to transport her to a futuristic timeline for proper medical treatment.
  • Gavin experiences visions of working for Maya Smith, leader of a military organization.
  • Gavin and Levi seek Petra to learn more about Gavin’s mother but get kidnapped by the military organization.
  • Josh decides to travel forward in time.
  • Ty attempts to stop him but unintentionally gets transported to the timeline of 2021, days before the sinkhole event.
  • Ty’s Mission to Prevent Sinkholes:
  • Ty realizes his chance to prevent sinkholes from opening in 2021.
  • He contemplates connecting with people to explain his origin from a different timeline.
  • Ty befriends a waitress but realizes the need for urgency.
  • Meets Sam, a doctor, initially struggles to make him understand but leaves a note.
  • Sam initially doubts Ty but later meets him at a restaurant after Ty reveals personal details about Sam’s life.
  • Ty convinces Sam of the impending catastrophe.
  • They realize they need Gavin’s help.
  • In the concluding scene, Ty and Sam bail Gavin out of jail, setting the stage for gaining Gavin’s trust.
  • Sam becomes restless about his daughter and embarks on a mission to find her.
  • Gavin obstructs him, leading to an argument and a physical brawl.
  • The sky people intervene in the Gavin-Sam fight, disrupting the community’s peace.
  • Ruth, the leader, locks Gavin and Sam in a hut.
  • Izzy gets upset with her father and decides to learn archery as an outlet for her emotions.
  • Pterodactyls pose a significant threat to villagers and survivors.
  • Lucas wants to help Ruth’s community, but she is distrustful.
  • Scott discovers a giant spiral symbol created by nesting pterodactyls.
  • Scott devises a plan to scare off the pterodactyls.
  • They create a spiral nest away from the settlement, burying a pterodactyl egg.
  • An explosive distraction is orchestrated to drive the pterodactyls away.
  • Pterodactyls flee the area and establish their nest near the river.
  • Gavin and the team succeed in saving the village.
  • Ruth apologizes to Lucas, expressing gratitude.
  • Ruth gifts Lucas a handmade model of a rocket from her grandfather, hinting at rocket ideas in 10,000 BC.

Where Can I Stream La Brea (Season 3) Episode 3?

You can watch La Brea (Season 3), Episode 3 on NBC and stream on Peacock.

Release Date & Time:

The release date and time of La Brea (Season 3), Episode 3 is January 23, at 9 pm ET/PT.

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What to Expect from La Brea (Season 3), Episode 3?

  • The aftermath of Ty, Sam, and Gavin’s collaboration and their efforts to gain Gavin’s trust will likely be explored further.
  • The challenges of navigating different timelines and preventing catastrophic events may continue to unfold.
  • The villagers and survivors, led by Lucas, might strategize to deal with the ongoing pterodactyl threat.
  • The repercussions of the explosive distraction and the relocation of the pterodactyl nest could be addressed.

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