“La Brea” (Season 3), Episode 6 Preview: The latest episode looks like it will continue the exciting story that started in the last episode, where tensions rose, relationships changed, and shocking discoveries happened. As the survivors deal with the effects of Levi’s sacrifice and the huge problems that lie ahead, they are met with a fearsome enemy in Maya. Here’s the “La Brea” (Season 3), Episode 6 Preview that covers everything you need to know.

What Happened in La Brea Season 3 Episode 5?

  • Gavin contemplates what to do with the microchip while visiting Eve’s favorite spot, accompanied by Ty.
  • Both men express concerns about the mysterious messages they receive on the laptop and worry about Paara’s overdue return.
  • Izzy confides in Veronica about her worries regarding her relationship with Leyla but is interrupted by a new message appearing.
  • The message instructs Gavin to bring the chip to Cahuenga Peak in exchange for Eve. But Gavin wants time to think about it.
  • Lucas, mistakenly assuming, advises Sam against storming the base alone to rescue Scott, who was actually visiting his mother’s grave.
  • Lucas suspects a mole among the soldiers and plans to investigate with Sam’s help.
  • Maya confronts Gavin and reveals that the chip is hers, prompting a standoff where Maya reveals her alliance with a private security company and her plan to sell time-traveling fighter planes.
  • Veronica discovers a radio in the council hut, indicating potential espionage within the fort.
  • Leyla and Izzy stumble upon dead soldiers while on a walk, raising suspicions.
  • Scott and Levi are held captive at the Ladera Air Base, where Levi is revealed to be working with Maya.
  • Levi and Maya interrogate Scott about a research paper on fossilized plants, essential for time travel.
  • Gavin, Helena, Ty, and Sam embark on a raft journey to the base. But they encounter a prehistoric alligator and an ambush.
  • Ruth’s suspicious behavior leads to revelations about Leyla’s involvement with Maya.
  • Levi sacrifices himself to save Gavin’s group from an ambush but succumbs to his wounds.
  • The group discovers the detention center is in 1965, leading to a decision to destroy Maya’s infrastructure in that timeline.
  • The episode ends with Izzy, Sam, Helena, and Gavin stepping through the aurora, leaving Scott behind.

Where Can I Stream La Brea (Season 3) Episode 6?

You can watch “La Brea” (Season 3), Episode 6 on NBC and stream on Peacock.

Release Date & Time:

The release date and time of “La Brea” (Season 3), Episode 6 is February 13, at 9 pm ET/PT.

What to Expect from La Brea (Season 3), Episode 6?

Based on the events of “La Brea” Season 3, Episode 5, viewers can expect the following developments in the new episode:

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  • It’s possible that the characters will think about Levi’s death and how it affects their goal to save Eve and figure out Maya’s plans. They will be very upset as they mourn his death and think about what to do next.
  • Since Maya is still on the loose and her bad plans have been revealed, the main characters will work even harder to stop her. They will likely plan ahead and have potentially risky encounters as they try to weaken her power and keep their families safe.

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