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The ‘La La’ Movie

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Every art form is always in an evolving state, so is cinema. An artist should always keep doing his experiment in order to achieve higher accomplishment. Filmmakers also do their experiment in different treatment of the film. It can be as low key as the ground reality or it can be larger than life. Or sometimes it can be magical and let the viewer experience magic without saying Abracadabra.

La La Land is no science fiction or a magical fantasy. It is a story of people like you and me, living in the city of Los Angeles who have their dreams and ambitions. There is no alien, mythological or imaginary world. This movie is set in the real world and yet it looks breathtaking. All the sets and locations make it look like that some magic is happening. The colors, objects and costumes used are synchronized to give it a realistic yet extraordinary look.

The opening one take dance sequence of La La Land is just the beginning of the magic and leaves the audience wanting more. How smoothly the chaos of jammed road can be turned to sunny and delightful morning. It just not include the swift movements of camera but courage of a visionary filmmaker. Damien Chazelle makes a movie in which characters, story, location and music is complementing the movie. A movie is mostly in the backdrop and it revolves around the characters. It’s remarkable to see how the characters are being the backdrop and the art which is film is flowing on the screen. The leading actors of the film Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone carries the film so efficiently.

Few sequence in the films are surreal and takes the audience to beautiful world of imagination and fantasy. The choreography of night dance scene has peppy foot-tapping music which creates the canvas for the following scene. A girl in yellow dress on the backdrop of blue tinted black sky can be the most pleasing treat to one’s eyes. The treat doesn’t end yet, Damien Chazelle let you fly in the midst of the stars with your love. However, when everything fell apart, he takes you to quick recap of the better option which life could have served. He ends on the note that says life can’t always be molded your way.

Author: Priya Shah

Priya Shah is working as a freelance Assistant Director for a few production houses. She loves to ponder upon society, politics, people, emotions and also their derivative ‘cinema.’ She likes to write observational articles about films, their filming style and their respective impact. She focuses more on giving the article, lucrative subject than lucrative words.

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