Leave the World Behind, a post-apocalyptic drama, has reached on No. 1 on Netflix. The film is trending, but it has received a mixed reception, with critics praising its artistic merit and thought-provoking themes, while viewers have expressed frustration with its slow pace and lack of resolution. Some viewers find the film’s artistic quality and suspenseful atmosphere appealing. Others criticize the lack of explanation and plot development, deeming it a “nothing burger” and a waste of time. Many express specific concerns about the film’s runtime, questioning the justification for its 140-minute duration.

What is Leave the World Behind about?

The film is about Amanda and her husband, Clay. The new parents, along with their kids Archie and Rose, decide to take a weekend trip to a luxury house. There is peace and quiet on their holiday until one night, two strangers, G.H. and his daughter Ruth, show up out of the blue. When they arrive, they bring terrifying news about a mystery cyberattack and try to hide in the house Amanda and Clay presume is theirs. As the story goes on, the two families try to deal with the approaching disaster, and things get worse as time goes on. Each person has to face their part in a world that is falling apart right in front of their eyes.

Why are the viewers complaining about the film?

On Rotten Tomatoes, Leave the World Behind commands a critics’ score of 75 percent, attesting to its artistic merit and thought-provoking storytelling. Critics laud its ability to navigate complex themes within the post-apocalyptic genre. Contrastingly, the audience response has been polarized, with a mere 40 percent approval rate. 

One person on Rotten Tomatoes said, “Have you ever heard of a nothing burger? Welcome to this movie. The nucleus of acting is great, but it’s surrounded by a nothing burger.”

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Another person took some time and complained his heart out, “The movie was artistic, suspenseful, decently shot, and makes no sense whatsoever. foreshadowing that leads to nothing. Scenes that add absolutely nothing to the plot. No ending, No explanation. Just a movie to tell you that you are a horrible person, and would kill your neighbor if the internet shut off. A ridiculous premise, completely ignores reality, and its an insult to the average person. Pilots don’t know how to fly, captains don’t know how to sail, Survivalists don’t know the basics of survival. Parents who didn’t grow up with computers can’t find the town down the road without GPS. The director just wants you to know how worthless he thinks you are, and how barbaric you would be if comforts were taken away.”

On Metacritic, the score is 67 but the audience score was 5.7 which is a very normal score for a movie that is ranking at the top. One person on the platform commented, “Imagine an apocalyptic movie where nothing really happens, and people just talk constantly. Not that they talk about the apocalypse. Just talk. That’s this movie. I’d mark that as a spoiler, but NOTHING EVER HAPPENS IN THIS MOVIE! EVER!!! I’d say it’s a waste of time, but I’m positive that you will be on your phone when you watch it. Because if you don’t, you will absolutely fall asleep. Garbage!!!”

Social media users shared their opinions about the movie. On X (formerly Twitter) one person said, “If it’s one thing I hate more than anything it’s open ending movies. Because what was the point of me watching this for over 2 hours??????”

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