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What We Know About Legends of Tomorrow Season 5

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After a lot of rumors that it was not going to be renewed, it looks like Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 is definitely going to happen. The misfit band of time traveling heroes will continue their adventures in the midseason of 2020.

The Season 4 Finale of Legends of Tomorrow just wrapped up not too long ago. It is a comic book TV in its purest form. In an age where many comic book adaptations for the screen go for more of a dark, grounded, gritty feel, Legends of Tomorrow has fully embraced the “out-there-ness” of their storyline, complete with a theme park called Heyworld that is filled with magical creatures of all kinds.

Season 4 ended on a really good cliffhanger that has fans very ready for 2020 midseason to get here. Like now. That big twist will definitely have serious implications for the Legends going into Season 5.

So now that Season 4 is in the can and we have a confirmed Legends of Tomorrow Season 5, what do we have to look forward to next year from the team?

First, a Look Back

Some people love Legends of Tomorrow. Other people, like a writer on gizmodo.com, think it’s literally the greatest show on earth. Regardless of what side of the fence you land on, the fact remains that Legends of Tomorrow didn’t start out being what it is today.

The show started out as a spin-off in the “Arrowverse” (the CW network’s DC universe, helmed by the show Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl). The roster of the Legends is comprised of many “B” characters from the CW’s 3 flagship DC shows. Sara Lance, or White Canary (from Arrow), Ray Palmer, or the Atom (also from Arrow) are two of the main characters.

In Season 1, the plot was pretty straightforward – Rip Hunter, kind of a rogue cop character, recruits the future Legends to help him fix the timeline. Kind of like Back to the Future, but with more fighting and superpowers. The tone of the first season was pretty serious too as the heroes went up against Vandal Savage.

Since then, the show has changed progressively, moving in a zanier direction with every season. Season 5 however, from all reports, seems to be a shift back to how Legends of Tomorrow began with a focus on time travel.

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Who’s Coming Back for Season 5

The diverse cast of characters on Legends has changed a lot over 4 seasons. Because of this, fans are always excited to see who will be making it back from season to season.

While not everything is 100% confirmed yet, we have a pretty good idea of what the line-up is going to be in the upcoming season of Legends of Tomorrow. Show staples Sara Lance/White Canary and Ray Palmer/Atom are definitely going to be back along with Nate Heywood/Steel, Mick Rory/Heat Wave, and Zari Tomaz.

Amazingly enough, it looks like fans can plan on seeing Rip Hunter again. In case you haven’t seen it yet or have forgotten, Rip died a while back. However, this being the crazy time-traveling show that it is, don’t be too surprised to see an old character coming back to life!

Another character you’ll be seeing in Season 5 is John Constantine. When his character was first introduced, Constantine did a little bit of popping in and out, however, now he’s here to stay as an official member of the Legends of Tomorrow. And since his solo show, aptly named Constantine, got canceled after one season, we can assume he’s got the time freedom to really invest in his role on Legends.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 – The Story

Like we mentioned, Season 4 left things on a pretty big cliffhanger. Astra, wanting to give some of history’s worst individuals a “second chance”, released the souls of Genghis Khan, Mary Tudor, Joseph Stalin, and more. With bad folks like that loose in the timeline, you can bet that the Legends are going to have their hands full righting the wrongs that are sure to take place.

A lot of fans are excited that Legends is returning to its historical roots. And by historical, we mean the way in which the plot centers around actual historical events. There’s so much awesome history out there and being able to retell it with a superhero spin on it is really fun to watch.

Legends of Tomorrow showrunner Phil Klemmer was quoted saying, “The scariest villains of all are the ones that existed.”
Since well-done villains can be the difference between a good TV show & a bad TV show, we couldn’t be more excited for what Season 5 will bring!

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