Letterkenny Season 12 draws to a close, and fans are getting ready for a spectacular goodbye to the famous show that has been charming viewers since its premiere in 2016. Fans have loved the show for a long time because it successfully blends humor and Canadian charm in the beautiful made-up town of Letterkenny, Ontario. We go over the cast, story, release date, and where to watch in this guide, making sure you’re ready for the highly anticipated ending.

Letterkenny Season 12 Cast & Characters Explained:

Jared Keeso

Jared Keeso, not only the co-creator but also the charismatic star of Letterkenny, reassumes his iconic role as the quick-witted Wayne. Keeso’s portrayal of Wayne, coupled with his side-splitting performance as Shoresy, has been a linchpin in the show’s success. As the series bids farewell, Keeso’s return promises to infuse the final season with the same magnetic charm that has attracted audiences since the show’s beginning.

Familiar Faces, Timeless Chemistry

There is a beating heart in Letterkenny, and it’s made up of Nathan Dales, Michelle Mylett, and K. Trevor Wilson. Dales, who plays the friendly Daryl, Mylett, who plays the lively Katy, and Wilson, who brings the funny to life as Dan, all add to the show’s unique energy. Their successful return guarantees that fans will enjoy the same lively interaction that has become a hallmark of the Letterkenny experience.

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Recurring Favorites

In addition to the central cast, Season 12 welcomes back a roster of recurring favorites. Dylan Playfair, Andrew Herr, Tyler Johnston, and Evan Stern, known for their memorable portrayals, reprise their roles; adding depth and familiarity to the show’s final chapter. Their return not only reinforces the continuity of the narrative but also promises moments of hilarity and camaraderie that fans have come to cherish.


People in Letterkenny, an attractive little town, are split into three groups: the Hicks, the Skids, and the Hockey Players. The style of Season 12 stays true to the show’s roots by focusing on the everyday adventures of these groups. Wayne leads the Hicks in funny fights with the Skids and the Hockey Players, making a comic collage that has been entertaining people for years. Early reports say that there is an exciting turn of events where the Hicks end up in a fancy bar where there is a comedy night going on. Because the plot is so unpredictable, every show is a fun surprise for viewers.

Letterkenny Season 12 Release Date

Get ready, as the entire Season 12 is set to premiere on Crave by December 25, 2023, gifting fans the perfect holiday binge-watch. For those who miss the initial release, Hulu will have all episodes available by December 26, ensuring a seamless viewing experience. The convenience of these platforms makes it easy for fans to immerse themselves in the humor and camaraderie of Letterkenny’s final season.

Where to Watch Letterkenny Season 12?

For an uninterrupted dose of Letterkenny’s wit and charm, tune in to Crave and Hulu. These platforms provide easy access to the complete Season 12, allowing fans to follow the Hicks’ escapades and bid farewell to the beloved characters in style.

Episodes listing

As of now, officials have not revealed any information regarding the episodes.

Watch the trailer here

Currently, there is no trailer available for Letterkenny season 12.

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