A reality TV show called “Love is Blind” debuted on Netflix. The premise of the show centers on a social experiment in which unmarried men and women search for love and become engaged before actually meeting. The show’s distinctive feature is that, while never having met in person, participants initially communicate and build relationships while being housed in soundproofed “pods,” divided according to gender. The hosts of the show are Vanessa and Nick Lachey. A new group of single people searching for love is featured in Season 6 of “Love is Blind,” which is based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

‘Love is Blind Season 6’ Release Date

“Love is Blind” Season 6 is set to be released on February 14, 2024. The season will premiere with the first six episodes, and the remaining episodes will be released in batches over the course of four weeks. The finale is scheduled to air on March 6, 2024. 

What to Expect from ‘Love is Blind Season 6’? 

The sixth season of ‘Love is Blind’ will feature 30 contestants, including two flight attendants, a salesman with a DJ side hustle, a middle school principal, and a former three-sport athlete turned makeup artist, among others. The plot of the show, which is set in Charlotte, North Carolina, centers on single people as they select a partner to get engaged to before actually meeting.

After becoming engaged, the couples will move in together, start planning their wedding, and see if their intense emotional tie is matched by a physical one. Drama featuring a fresh love triangle and a bunch of singles searching for love throughout the month of love is what the show promises to bring.

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‘Love is Blind Season 6’ Host

Season 6 will be hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, who have presented the show since its debut in 2020.


The following contestants will be seen in the sixth season of ‘Love is Blind’:-

  1. Brittany, 25: Senior client partner
  2. Alejandra, 28: Financial consultant
  3. Amber Desiree “AD,” 33: Real estate broker
  4. Mackenzie, 25: Makeup artist
  5. Amy C, 34: PR director
  6. Sarah Ann, 30: Customer support manager
  7. Danette, 33: Flight attendant
  8. Sunni, 34: Business analyst
  9. Laura, 34: Account director
  10. Jessica, 29: Executive Assistant
  11. Danielle, 30: Corporate comms
  12. Chelsea, 31: Flight attendant and event planner
  13. Amy, 28: E-commerce specialist
  14. Amber, 31: Medical device sales
  15. Ashley, 32: Nurse practitioner
  16. Matthew, 37: Senior financial advisor
  17. Kenneth, 26: Middle school principal
  18. Austin, 27: Software sales
  19. Jamal, 32: Store director
  20. Jimmy, 28: Software sales
  21. Vince, 35: Lawyer
  22. Clay, 31: Enterprise sales/entrepreneur
  23. Nolan, 31: Management consultant
  24. Trevor, 31: Project manager
  25. Drake, 32: Video producer
  26. Ariel, 32: Mortgage broker
  27. Jeramey, 32: Intralogistics
  28. Deion, 27: Software sales
  29. Ben, 34: Cloud solutions architect
  30. Johnny, 28: Account executive

Where to watch ‘Love is Blind Season 6’?

You can watch “Love is Blind” Season 6 on Netflix.

Watch the Trailers here:

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