The scary world of online dating gone dangerous is about to be explored in the Netflix documentary, “Lover, Stalker, Killer.” The opening of this exciting documentary, directed by Sam Hobkinson, who is known for “Fear City: New York vs. The Mafia,” is set for February 9, 2024. With Sophie Clayton-Payne producing and Dov Freedman and Charlie Russell serving as executive producers, “Lover, Stalker, Killer” looks like it will be an intriguing look at a wild love triangle that went horribly wrong. 

Follow the story of Dave, a loving dad who tries to start over with his love life by meeting online. He soon gets caught up in a nightmare situation involving Liz and Cari, two beautiful women. As the stress rises and fear sets in, viewers will be taken on a four-year journey through murder, harassment, and digital lies in the middle of America. Here’s everything you need to know about “Lover, Stalker, Killer.”

Lover, Stalker, Killer Release Date:

The release date of “Lover, Stalker, Killer” is February 9, 2024. 

What to Expect?

The documentary is directed by Sam Hobkinson (“Fear City: New York vs The Mafia”). It is executive produced by Dov Freedman and Charlie Russell, with Sophie Clayton-Payne serving as a producer. It is a production by Curious Films (“Running with the Devil”).

High On Films in collaboration with Avanté

Dave was recently out of a long-term relationship and eager to restart his romantic life. So he did what most people do: he tried online dating. Liz and Cari were two of his most promising connections. Both are single moms with winning personalities who helped bring him out of his shell in different ways. It should have been an opportunity for this hard-working, devoted dad to enjoy a second chance at casual romance. But it turned into a twisted love triangle, putting Dave and everyone he cared about at risk.

Using interviews with those involved – including the law enforcement officers who cracked the case – alongside vivid reenactments that bring viewers into the tension and paranoia of Dave’s four-year nightmare, this feature documentary deftly assembles the pieces of a mind-bending true tale of harassment, digital deception, and murder in America’s heartland.

Where to Watch Lover, Stalker, Killer?

You can watch “Lover, Stalker, Killer” on Netflix.

Watch the trailer here

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