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Margarita With A Straw [2014]

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margaritawithastrawreview75One of the best things  happen to the Bollywood is the rise of “Parallel cinema”. It was there for a long time but with Multiplexes, it slowly and steadily got its deserved due! Margarita With A Straw is certainly one of the Strongest, Grittiest, Gutsiest and Brilliant films to come out this year. No wonder, films like these, remain strictly confined to the Multiplexes only, but then these kinda movies are for creative satisfaction, and not making hundreds of corers at the Box Office.

Laila, suffering from Cerebral palsy, is one strong character who doesn’t need your sympathy. Instead, she believes in creating an identity on her own. She is no less than any normal person, except for she is not able to do some normal physical activities yet she is smart enough to write lyrics for her College band, and to get a Scholarship for Further Studies in US, and to always win a game of Chess. The film is Laila’s journey of Emotions, Love and Strong Character. She is quite normal to be in Love, and brave enough to try to be homosexual as well. She has aspirations and she is strong enough to take decisions.

Shonali Bose has dared to work on a subject, that might give many filmmakers goosebumps and created a visual masterpiece out of that. She dedicated the movie to her Sister, who I feel, had gone through the same. Hats off to her. We definitely need this kind of films to keep our faith alive in good cinema . Brownie points for every minute detail she captured.

Kalki Koechlin! What do I say? We all know she is a good actor, but She Lives ‘Laila’, a CP Patient, like no one else. I am forced to say that She is the ‘Best Actress’ in Bollywood in current times. You give her a role and she turns into a character, be it a nagging girlfriend in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara or a caring friend in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and now in MWAS, she has pulled off a remarkable performance. She deserves Every Award this year till Someone really comes up with a performance to beat hers. hats Off!

Support Cast is Great too! Revathi requires no recognition. She looks so Natural that you wish She is your Aai. Sayani Gupta as Khanum, Laila’s Love Interest, is no exception. She is so remarkable that you fell in love with her. Her Voice is as beautiful as she herself looks and acts! Brilliant! Rest of the cast is impressive, especially Hussain Dalal as Dhruv in a Cameo pulls it off and leaves an impression. He is the same stammering ‘Nescafe’ guy in case you are wondering who he is!

Flaws: It’s painstakingly Slow pace! But then it’s not a movie, it is an experience and If you can bear with Slow Pace, you will fall in love with this Journey of Laila. 

Please don’t try it at all if you don’t like Slow Paced Parallel Cinema. Some sexual content are also there. It is a Must watch if you are a Movie buff and want to see some good cinema! One of the Finest films of the year


Author: Deepak Chaudhary

Deepak  is a Bollywood Movies Buff, who enjoys both Masala Films as well as Parallel Cinema. DC as his friends call him is also a self-proclaimed movie critic who loves to pen down movie reviews in his own style of writing. He is jovial and funny and always likes to present things in a Creative Manner, be it films or current affairs.

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