Masters of the Universe: Revolution stands as an animated superhero fantasy television series proudly produced by Kevin Smith in collaboration with Powerhouse Animation Studios. This season, which is a follow-up to Filmation’s famous He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983–1985), doesn’t care about what happened in The New Adventures of He-Man (1990). The main focus of Revelation is on continuing storylines from the original 1980s shows that weren’t finished. This gives the popular story more depth and continuity.

The show came out on Netflix in two parts. The first five episodes came out on July 23, 2021, and the following five episodes came out on November 23, 2021. This planned release gave fans a chance to enjoy the story in separate parts. The story skillfully combines superhero story elements, keeping the attention of both longtime fans of the original series and people who are new to the He-Man world.

After the success and praise of Revelation, Netflix made a big reveal in June 2022. The streaming service said that Masters of the Universe: Revolution, a follow-up series that continues to explore and add to Eternia’s rich history, would be coming out soon. Here’s everything you need to know about Masters of the Universe: Revolution.

Voice Cast & Characters Explained

Chris Wood as Prince Adam/He-Man

Taking on the iconic role of Prince Adam and the mighty He-Man is Chris Wood, whose vocal talents contribute to the powerful and heroic presence of the series’ central character.

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Mark Hamill as Skeletor

The legendary Mark Hamill lends his voice once again to the menacing Skeletor, infusing the character with his unparalleled vocal prowess and villainous charm.

Liam Cunningham as Duncan / Man-At-Arms

Bringing authority and strength to the character of Duncan / Man-At-Arms is Liam Cunningham, a familiar voice from Revelation, ensuring continuity in the portrayal of this essential figure.

Tiffany Smith as Andra (the new Man-At-Arms)

A noteworthy addition to the cast is Tiffany Smith, who steps into the role of Andra, the new Man-At-Arms. Her portrayal promises a fresh perspective and dynamic energy to the character.

Lena Headey as Evil-Lyn “Lyn” / Majestra

The talented Lena Headey reprises her role as Evil-Lyn “Lyn” / Majestra, bringing her distinctive voice to the complex character, adding depth and nuance to the portrayal.

Diedrich Bader as King Randor, Trap Jaw

Diedrich Bader continues his multifaceted contribution to the series by voicing King Randor and the formidable Trap Jaw, showcasing his versatility as a voice actor.

Alicia Silverstone as Queen Marlena

Alicia Silverstone lends her voice to Queen Marlena, adding grace and poise to the character, making her an integral part of the Masters of the Universe world.

Stephen Root as Cringer / Battle Cat

Stephen Root provides the voice for Cringer, the loyal companion of He-Man, and his heroic alter ego, Battle Cat, adding humor and warmth to these beloved characters.

Tony Todd as Scare-Glow

Tony Todd takes on the role of Scare-Glow, infusing the character with his distinctive voice and contributing to the eerie and captivating atmosphere of the series.

Justin Long as Roboto

Justin Long brings his talent to the character of Roboto, adding personality and depth to the robotic ally in the Masters of the Universe universe.

Griffin Newman as Orko

Griffin Newman lends his voice to the endearing character of Orko, ensuring the lovable and mischievous spirit of the magical being is preserved.

Harley Quinn Smith as Illena (New Character)

Kevin Smith’s daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, introduces the new character Illena, adding a fresh and exciting element to the series with her unique portrayal.

High On Films in collaboration with Avanté

Casting Changes and New Additions

Melissa Benoist as Teela

In a casting change, Melissa Benoist steps in to voice Teela, bringing her own interpretation to the character and contributing to the evolution of this essential role.

Meg Foster as Motherboard

Meg Foster, known for her role as Evil-Lyn in the 1987 live-action film, Masters of the Universe, takes on the character of Motherboard in Revolution, adding her seasoned voice to this intriguing new addition.

Keith David as Hordak

Joining the cast is Keith David, voicing the formidable Hordak, bringing gravitas and depth to this powerful antagonist.

William Shatner (Undisclosed Role)

The iconic William Shatner joins the ensemble in an undisclosed role, adding an element of mystery and anticipation to the series.

‘Masters of the Universe: Revolution’ Plot

In the latest change in the story, Skeletor becomes a machine and uses Motherboard’s immense power to start a relentless attack on the core of Eternia. Prince Adam is also dealing with new duties while trying to figure out what these responsibilities mean for his alter ego, He-Man. Adam has to decide between being King or Champion. He has to choose between the scepter and the sword.

As things get more tense, Teela, the new Sorceress, sets out to find the secrets of Snake Magic that are hidden in the clouds of Darksmoke. She has two jobs to do: rebuild a magical realm and help He-Man stop the danger that is about to strike Eternia. The real danger is that Hordak, the cruel boss of the Horde Empire, is coming back, which will be very hard for He-Man and his friends.

As Eternia faces its biggest enemy, the stakes are higher than ever. The fight between the mechanical Skeletor and the tyrant Hordak, as well as Prince Adam’s own problems, all point to an exciting and interesting plot. Eternia is getting ready for an epic fight because He-Man faces a threat that is greater than any other threat it has ever faced.

Release Date

The release date of Masters of the Universe: Revolution is January 25, 2024.

Where to watch Masters of the Universe: Revolution?

You can watch Masters of the Universe: Revolution exclusively on Netflix.

Episodes Listing

There is currently no information available regarding the episodes.

Watch the Trailer of Masters of the Universe: Revolution Here:

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