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[Watch] Meryl Streep and Steven Soderbergh’s New Movie ‘Let Them All Talk’ Trailer

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Meryl Streep takes a boat trip in Steven Soderbergh’s new movie. HBO Max has released the first official trailer for Meryl Streep and Steven Soderbergh’s highly anticipated film: Let Them All Talk.

The comedy follows a renowned author Alice Hughes (Meryl Streep), who embarks on a journey with two of her old friends in an effort to unwind and heal some old wounds. Her nephew also joins Hughes on the cruise trip along with her literary agent, who end up getting romantically involved aboard the ship. As they are all stuck together on the cruse ship, tensions rise and Hughes finds herself confronted about her past behavior towards the ones she loved the most.

Hughes friends are played by Candace Bergen and Dianne Wiest. Lucas Hedges and Gemma Chan play the nephew and young literary agent respectively. The screenplay was written by MacArthur Fellowship recipient Deborah Eisenberg.

During recent promotion of the film, the three legendary actresses revealed that the movie was filmed in just two weeks aboard the Queen Mary 2 ocean-liner in 2019. They also divulged that the dialogue was almost entirely improvised by the cast based on screenplay. Eisenberg was available to assist with ideas and character biographies, but it was up to the cast to figure out what they wanted to say.Meryl Streep

“They would give us the outlines of a situation, and then we knew where we had to end up,” Streep, 71, explained. “But they didn’t tell us how to get there.”

“They gave us the scenes and the synopses of the scenes. And then we filled them in, if we could,” Bergen,73, added.”[with] a lot of talking.”

According to the trio, Soderbergh also filmed the movie with “no equipment”. Bergen called this style as “Guerrilla filmmaking”.

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“The only equipment was sound equipment. Steven held the camera in a wheelchair and rolled along,” Wiest, 72, added. “None of the lights, and the trucks, all the stuff that goes into making movies, there’s none of it. There was Steven and this new camera.”

Multiple Oscar-winner Meryl Streep previously starred in Soderbergh’s Panama Papers Drama, The Laundromat (2019) which premiered in Venice Film Festival and debuted on Netflix. Streep is also starring in The Prom (2020), a movie adaptation of the Broadway Musical of the same name. Directed by Ryan Murphy, she will reunite with her Big Little Lies star, Nicole Kidman in the movie.

Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh, 57, was recently an executive producer on the Quibi show Wireless (2020), in addition to Bill and Ted Face The Music (2020). Soderbergh is also working on another HBO Max film “No Sudden Moves” starring Don Cheadle, Benicio Del Torro, David Harbour, Jon Hamm and Ray Liotta

HBO’s “Let Them All Talk” is set to be released digitally on Dec. 10. Watch the first official trailer here.

Source Credit: Slashfilm

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