Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (Season 1) Episode 7 Preview: Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, a hit series on Apple TV+, returns to its majestic best in Episode 6, “Terrifying Miracles.” From 1955 to 2015, the episode covers a lot of ground. While Cate and her companions scour the African desert for Hiroshi in the current day, in the 1950s, Lee Shaw and his squad set out for Japan to find more Titans. The exciting appearance of one Titan in these separate timelines is sure to wow fans. Let’s take a quick recap of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters episode 6 and see what to expect in episode 7.

What happened in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (season 1) episode 6?

1955 Storyline

  • Captain Lee Shaw and Dr. Keiko Miura plan to keep a low profile but are interrupted by General Puckett showcasing a new project.
  • Concerned about the military killing Titans, Lee hopes Keiko can change their minds.
  • Lee and Keiko flirt during the ball, share an intimate moment, and plan to continue at their hotel.
  • Emergency call interrupts; Bill has pinpointed the next Titan.
  • Keiko and Bill head to Japan without Lee, who is needed for a budget meeting.
  • They meet Dr. Suzuki, who created a device to lure Titans out of hiding.
  • Lee, worried about Keiko, asks to go to Japan but is warned by Puckett about risking his job.
  • Lee defies orders and heads to Japan’s Monster Island.
  • The bait works, and Godzilla emerges from the waters, disproving the assumption that the military killed it.
  • Lee and Keiko share a kiss despite differing opinions.
  • Lee wants to report Godzilla’s re-emergence, but Keiko fears it will lead to more destructive measures.
  • Lee was replaced and demoted after his unauthorized absence.

2015 Storyline

  • Older Lee, freed by Duvall, loses faith in Monarch and reunites with Cate, May, and Kentaro.
  • Warns them of an impending G-Day; they follow Hiroshi’s coordinates to Africa.
  • Hiroshi is alive and warns them to run as Tim and the Monarch gang track them down.
  • Godzilla emerges from beneath the ground, causing an avalanche, then departs.
  • Lee and Duvall want to pursue Godzilla; Cate, May, and Kentaro want to search for Hiroshi.
  • May confesses to betraying the team by revealing their location to Monarch.
  • May’s betrayal hurts Cate; she declines help and extra money and storms off.

Where can I stream Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (season 1) episode 7?

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (Season 1) Episode 7 will be exclusively released on Apple TV+.

Release date & time:

On Friday, December 22nd, 2023, the upcoming episode will be available on Apple TV+. The release is scheduled for midnight PT. “Will the Real May Please Stand Up?” is the title of the seventh episode, which will be 48 minutes long.

What to expect from Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (season 1) episode 7?

Just looking at the title gives the impression that May will be the main character of Episode 7. The particular reasons why May went on the run and disappeared in Tokyo will be revealed in flashbacks that explore her criminal past.

High On Films in collaboration with Avanté

From where she left off, May will find that her former life has changed drastically in the present timeline, which she must traverse. The possibility of disturbing revelations regarding her loved ones back home makes May’s former existence untenable, and she is compelled to rejoin Cate and Kentaro.

The three main characters—Lee, Bill, and Keiko—will have to adjust to their new boss and his unusual expectations in this plot set in the 1950s. As a result of Lee’s error, tensions will rise between Keiko and him, and Keiko will restart her romance with Bill. Once again, the three of them will be forced to follow the restrictions set down by the military.

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