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Movie Themes You Don’t See on the Big Screens Anymore

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Everything evolves, and film trends are no exception. The streaming platforms revolutionized how we watch movies and what movies we watch. With the appearance of streaming giants such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, we no longer watch the same kind of movies on the big screens as we do sitting on the couch with our laptops. And therefore, the ones we choose to watch in the cinemas.

Times have changed, and new trends have set, but we still remember the old action-packed westerns and cliché romantic comedies that we used to love so much. What’s more, our mentalities have changed over time. Movie themes that we enjoyed years ago no longer produce the same interest. So, to take a pleasant stroll down memory lane, we have prepared this list of movie themes that you don’t see on the big screen anymore.

Casino-Themed Movies

Although you can still see new gambling, casino-themed motion pictures on the big screen, they are not as popular as they used to be. These movies used to cast famous actors such as Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Matt Damon helped generate a lot of interest from both regular casino players and those who have never stepped foot into one.

Casino-themed movies thrived when gambling was one of the most popular forms of entertainment. So it only makes sense that their decline began when casinos lost the spotlight. Nowadays, casino players can play live blackjack, roulette, and other games from the comfort of their homes, so there’s no need to visit a brick-and-mortar casino.

Wild West Movies

Westerns were the most popular Hollywood movie genre from the 1930s through the 1960s. Maybe it was because we used to find our own values reflected in the heroic cowboys who always fought for justice. Or, perhaps it was because we simply enjoyed watching cowboy revolver fights. But, with the shift of values and new political and historical events, Western motion pictures started to lose their significance.

Although Wild West-themed movies are no longer such a big hit, they are consistently reinvented. Nowadays, we get modernized Western movies and TV shows with a plot similar to what it used to be initially. For example, Westworld is a TV series that acts out a sci-fi plot in a Western-looking town. The Harder They Fall is another Wild West-themed movie set in modern times, available on Netflix.

Heist-Themed Movies

Heist-themed movies are one of the movie genres that have endured throughout many decades. Something about the cliché plots of heist-themed films keeps up engaged, entertained, and sometimes even sympathizing with the thieves.

We’ve grown fond of the typical heist movie plot that revolves around a mastermind planning a complex theft, a team of thieves doing the heist, and unexpected consequences rising during the process. Our constant demand for more heist movies has pushed film directors to become more and more creative to diversify the classic plot by adding elements of comedy or creating unlikely heist scenarios.

However, despite the genre’s popularity, we don’t see so many heist movies on the big screen anymore. Now, they have become a goldmine for Netflix. The streaming giant consistently releases new heist-themed films and series, like Red Notice or Money Heist. These movies and TV shows attract our attention thanks to their star-studded casts, tons of special effects for action lovers, and entertaining plots that appeal to our wishes of luxury and wealth.

Romantic Comedies

For a long time, romantic comedy used to be Hollywood’s go-to big screen movie genre. Older rom-coms like Pretty Woman and Notting Hill, or the most recent ones, like The Holiday and The Proposal, kept us entertained and constantly reminded us of the power of true love. These were the times when we used to run to the cinema every time a new Hugh Grant romantic comedy came out to get swept off our feet.

Ever since the rise of big streamers, like Netflix and Hulu, rom-coms have become less prominent in the cinemas and more present on our computer screens. However, in recent years, the rom-com genre has seen darker times. In fact, we now see fewer romantic comedies on the big screen. This decline in the presence of romantic comedies on the big screen derives from various problems that this genre has been experiencing over the years: the retirement of its biggest stars, the struggle to replace them, or simply, a constant lack of good romantic comedy concepts.

Author: Lydia Fox

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