Mrs Sidhu Investigates: Cast & Characters Explained, Plot, Release Date, Where to Watch, Trailer & Other Details

Mrs Sidhu Investigates

If you like dramas about people examining things, “Mrs. Sidhu Investigates,” Acorn’s newest TV show, is for you. In this interesting series, we get to know Mrs. Sidhu, a high-end caterer whose insatiable curiosity takes her into the world of amateur sleuthing. Don’t miss this exciting series, which mixes the world of cooking with the excitement of solving crimes. Join Mrs. Sidhu, Tez, DCI Burton, and a cast of captivating people on a journey that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Mrs. Sidhu Investigates is a must-see for anyone who likes suspenseful crime shows.


Mrs. Sidhu Investigates is about the life of Mrs. Sidhu, whom Meera Syal splendidly plays. She isn’t like most caterers because she is always trying to solve crimes. She just lost her husband. Therefore, she has to run her new catering business and help her son, Tez, find his true passion. Tez is played by Gurjeet Singh, who is best known for his part in Ackley Bridge. She keeps giving out her own kind of justice to people who think they are above the law.

Her journey into the world of detective work takes an unexpected turn when she starts an unofficial partnership with DCI Burton, played by Craig Parkinson, a long-suffering divorcee. Together, they are an unbeatable crime-fighting team, much to the surprise of DCI Burton’s partner, DS Mint, played by Naana Agyei-Ampadu. Naana is best known for her role in “Industry.”

Mrs Sidhu Investigates Cast and Characters

Meera Syal as Mrs. Sidhu 

Meera Syal steps into the shoes of Mrs. Sidhu, the show’s enigmatic lead character. Mrs. Sidhu, a caterer living in Berkshire, possesses an unwavering curiosity about the people and events in her surroundings. Her insatiable inquisitiveness ultimately propels her into the domain of amateur investigation. Meera Syal’s portrayal of Mrs. Sidhu is nothing short of exceptional, as she effortlessly embodies the character’s traits with remarkable finesse.

Gurjeet Singh as Tez 

Gurjeet Singh takes on the role of Tez, Mrs. Sidhu’s son, who finds himself at a crossroads in life. Tez grapples with the challenge of discovering his true passion. His close relationship with his mother serves as a source of encouragement as she urges him to pursue his heartfelt desires. Tez’s character plays a pivotal role in Mrs. Sidhu’s journey, and it will be fascinating to witness his evolution throughout the narrative.


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Craig Parkinson as DCI Burton 

Craig Parkinson plays DCI Burton in the TV show Mrs. Sidhu Investigates. He is a detective who doesn’t want to work with Mrs. Sidhu, but ends up doing so anyway. Together, they make up a strong team that has solved many riddles. The relationship between these two characters is a big part of why people like the show.

In addition to the stellar performances by Meera Syal, Gurjeet Singh, and Craig Parkinson, the series boasts a talented ensemble cast, including:

  • Gordon Kennedy as De Vries
  • Vanessa Vanderpuye as Lori Mckenzie
  • Jade Harrison as Selene Melville

Release Date:

Mrs. Sidhu Investigates is set to make its debut on Monday, September 18, 2023. This date promises to be a thrilling start to an exciting journey into the world of mystery and intrigue.

Where to Watch Mrs Sidhu Investigates?

For viewers eager to dive into the world of Mrs. Sidhu’s investigations, the show will be available for streaming exclusively on Acorn TV starting on the same date, Monday, September 18, 2023.

Watch the trailer here:

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