5 Must-Watch Movies About Cricket

movies about cricket

As one of the most beloved games in the world, cricket has not only made a huge impact on fans, but it has also set its mark in the world of film and movies. Fanatics and those new to cricket have been entertained and educated about the sport either through movies or documentaries. Whether they be stories of triumph or heroes falling from grace, these movies are a must-watch for cricket lovers. If you are a cricket fan and looking for a sports book guide on how you can bet on your favorite team, head over to sites like comeon India for a comprehensive betting guide.

Fire in Babylon (2010)

When a cricket film is mentioned, this is the first title that comes into mind. The West Indies are a cricket powerhouse, but their journey has far been from smooth. This film documents how the team in the 1970s and ’80s transformed from entertaining but unsuccessful cricketers, to rise to become one of the greatest sides. They even had to overcome racial prejudice and became part of the black pride movement.

Lagaan: Once upon a Time in India (2001)

When a Bollywood film has been nominated to the Academy Awards, it’s definitely worth watching. The movie is set before India gained independence from the British. The local peasants are struggling with drought and crippling taxes. They challenge their colonialists to a game of cricket, where if they win, their taxes are waived, while if they lose, the taxes are doubled. However, the villagers do not know anything about cricket and have to learn it, unlike their experienced opponents.

Hansie (2008)

We have all seen stars rise to the top of the mountain and then come crumbling down. This film tells the aftermath story of Hansie Cronje; a former South African captain, who fell from a national hero to an international disgrace. He had a great career ahead of him until he was lured into the dark world of match-fixing scandals by Indian Bookmakers. This led to the much-publicized 2000 match-fixing scandal that earned him a life-ban from cricket.

The Ashes: The Greatest Series (2005)

If ever there was an Ashes series that will go down as one of the best, then it is the 2005 edition. It featured the in-form hosts England, against an Australian side that hadn’t tasted defeat in a Test Series in four years. Australia was even predicted to whitewash their opponents 5-0. What followed was pure drama and it is now documented on film.

Iqbal (2005)

If cricket elicits a lot of passion among fans, then this story should do the same for movie lovers. It follows the story of a deaf and mute boy from a remote village in India who dreams of playing for the national team. Iqbal has to overcome numerous odds to make the improbable a reality. He trains in an empty field using buffaloes as fielders and has a former cricketer with a drinking problem as his coach.

Author: Jessica Williams