My Demon Episode 12 Preview (S01E12): Are you ready to see Do Do-Hee and Jung Gu-Won’s fiery chemistry spark amidst the secrets of reincarnation and dangerous battles? This article tells you exactly when and how to watch for My Demon episode 12, where secrets come out, choices go off, and hearts shake as they wait for a shocking reveal. Check out the My Demon episode 12 preview below.

What happened in My Demon (Season 1) Previous Episodes?

  • Noh Suk-Min tortures his son, Noh Do-Gyeong, with a hot iron stick.
  • Do-Gyeong, desperate for his father’s attention, attacks Do-Hee.
  • He crashes his car into a gas station where Do-Hee is buying cards, causing a fire.
  • Joo Seok-Hun, Do-Hee’s ally, is worried about her safety.
  • He collaborates with Noh Suk-Min in episode 10.
  • Joo Seok-Hun, Do-Hee’s sole family ally, collaborates with the antagonist Noh Suk-Min.
  • Upon learning the demon’s identity, Seok-Hun rushes to rescue Do-Hee from a burning gas station.
  • Although Do-Hee is saved, Seok-Hun remains cautious and skeptical about the demon’s intentions.
  • Gu-Won undergoes a significant transformation as his demonic powers transfer to Do-Hee.
  • Now that Gu-Won is a human being, he feels things and has intense dreams, especially about a woman named Wolshim.
  • Even though Gu-Won has regained his evil features, his memories of the past and a woman’s link to Do-Hee are still important to the plot.
  • A picture of two women in traditional clothes carrying a sword appears several times in the series.
  • Some viewers think that the women are Do-Hee and Jin Ga-Gyeong.
  • It’s like a symbolic key that opens up secrets about what’s going on in both Gu-Won and Do-Hee’s lives.

Where can I stream My Demon (Season 1) Episode 12?

You can stream My Demon (Season 1) Episode 12 on Netflix.

Release Date & Time:

My Demon (Season 1) Episode 12 is scheduled for release on Netflix on January 6, 2024. The release time are as follows:

  • 7:00 A.M. PT (Pacific Time Zone)
  • 10:00 A.M. ET (Eastern Time Zone)
  • 4:00 P.M. BST (British Summer Time)
  • 5:00 P.M. CET (Central European Time Zone)

What to expect from My Demon (Season 1) Episode 12?

You can expect the following things from My Demon episode 12:

High On Films in collaboration with Avanté
  • Gu-Won’s search for answers about his past life and his link to Do-Hee is likely to hit a peak. You can expect flashbacks, dreams, or meetings that shed light on how their lives are connected.
  • The cliffhanger about the No Sock Men’s chase will be resolved, and Do-Hee and Gu-Won will have to face their enemies and possibly give up something important.
  • That Gu-Won and Do-Hee have to make will have big effects on their own lives and the lives of those around them. They might have to trust their friends, give up some of their morals, or take risky risks for the greater good.

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